Dallas at NO

All D

Both these teams bring a lot of heat on the QB

NO without Brees is like a different team.

Dak looks pretty pedestrian for all the hype he has gotten


Dallas has done nothing on offense. They will go into halftime with only a FG

Saints knocking on the door just before half.

9-3 NO at half

Total shootout

Dallas will/ are taking this game over. Kellen Moore called a terrible first half

Maybe. Dallas has some nice pieces. I still don’t believe that Dak is a great QB. He’s certainly above average. I also think they’re a bit light at the skill positions after Elliot and Cooper.

The Eagles can still take that division IMO. If healthy Wentz is better than Dak and Philly has a deeper roster. I would acknowledge that Dallas has more star power.

Dallas might have the best top dozen or so players of any given roster. Elliott, Jones, Vander Esch, J. And T. Smith, Cooper, Dack, Jones. Lawrence, etc. That’s really impressive star power.

They looked good that TD drive after the half for sure

I think much like us they lack a burner to take the top off the defense.

Michael Gallup is a burner and will be back soon. He is legit

Gallup is not a burner. Don’t take my word for it, take his,

““I’m not the fastest, not the biggest, don’t have the best routes, but when the ball is in the air I’m the only one that’s going to come down with it,” Gallup said.”

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Looks like the Saints just got screwed on another play. Jalen made contact to Bridgewater’s head.

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He is a decent player. Attacks the football, etc but I still think they could use a D-Jax type as could we.

I agree. That should’ve been a flag.

The Saints really seem to get squeezed the most of any good team

I like his attitude

Every WR should believe that

That was a crap defensive holding call

Yeah, another bad call.

He’s a solid player. His CSU successor Preston Williams actually has a lot more god given talent if he can keep his nose clean.

I want the cowboys to lose this one.

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Dallas looks beatable. I could see them losing the next 3/4.


I agree. We’re as good as they are as long as we get good Stafford.