Dallas LOL

They sure are taking the long road to the Super Bowl…

I love watching them lose. Three Ls in a row.

How long before Jerry fires Garrett?


The refs completely muddied up the end of that game. As far as the loss, it couldn’t have happened to a better team or fan base.:smiling_imp:


Yeah that Officiating on the final drive was brutal

Luckily for Dallas they’re in the weakest division in football. The NFC North has abused Philly like a drunken sorority girl left at a frat house and they’re tied with Dallas for first place at three and three

Garrett should have been fired during the game…that’s how bad they suck

Don’t forget, the Eagles BEAT the Packers :rofl:


Come on now…they don’t suck.

They are the dominant team in the NFC

And they just completed the easy part of their schedule.


They made the Jets look like the Patriots.

They were 3-5 last year and finished 10-6. Kind of odd laughing at a team tied for the division lead… but some people don’t get that the NFL season is a marathon.

I watched a QB in Prescott can smacked around today and keep getting up off the mat and coming for more.

Yeah Dallas might win that weak ass division at 7-9


So, with everyone clamoring in the KC thread that maybe we’re not that good bc we didn’t beat them but now they’ve lost 2 in a row. Does this mean GB isn’t as good bc Dallas has lost 3 in a row?


He was getting killed. The play calling is horse shit. When Zeke is hitting 8, 10, 12 yards runs…run after run, you’d think a play action pass would come to mind. Did they run one play action pass in the 4th qtr? Pathetic.



Green Bay is a bad team now because Dallas has lost three games in a row

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Stafford’s been getting the shit kicked out of him and getting up off the mat and playing with a broken back and broken finger for nine years but nobody gives him any credit.

Screw Dak. All that matters is wins and he hasn’t gotten them three weeks in a row

Suddenly with Iggy it’s all about moral victories, gutsy performances and playing hard in a losing effort ro a winless team :joy:


I’m pretty sure people have given him credit for that.
Stafford is fortunate that he plays when he does. Could you imagine him playing in the 1980s when Dlinemen could just drill the QB in the head without any consequences? He would have been out of the league already.


They give him credit for being tough

Doesn’t stop people from wanting him gone and talking nonstop about zero playoff wins.

It’s all about wins… unless were talking about Dak. Then all that matters is that he gets up off the mat


Dak has won more than Stafford.

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Sure has

Let’s see how this year’s marathon goes and whether or not Dallas gets to the Super Bowl as has been declared as a done deal since week 3 on this forum

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That tag will follow him around until he wins a playoff game. And then those same people will say he has never taken the Lions to the NFC Championship game or SB or whatever.
I have mixed feelings about Stafford. At times, he looks great, but other times he makes horrible decisions (like last Thanksgiving or the stupid fumble in the KC game). I am happy that he has cut down on his turnovers the last few years because it was a major reason (whether his die hard fans admit it or not) that the Lions lost a lot of games early in his career. When he doesn’t turn the ball over he gives the Lions a quality chance to win a game.

I am right there with you. Point is, the fact that he keeps getting up off the mat is very low on how you judge him compared to Ws