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Orlovsky just did a list of the top 5 most dangerous QB’s left in the playoffs.

1 Lamar Jackson
2 Josh Allen
3 Maholmes
4 Baker Mayfield
5 Jordon Love

No love for Goff :crazy_face:

Silent but deadly farts are the worst kind, hit you like a stinky brick in the side of the head when you least expect it. Did I just compare Goff to an SBD?

Him and Staffy are close I am pretty sure.


He’s mad Goff just outplayed his girlfriend

Also, what’s the point of a top five list when there’s only 8 starting QBs left.


His love for 9 knows no bounds. Putting Mayfield there is just for spite.


Baker went from outcast to a top tier QB because his team made the playoffs by default due to his division? Man the media has some really bad takes….


Well that list is totally inaccurate



You want to know why Goff doesn’t get enough credit?

Because he doesn’t throw as many passing TDs as some of the other “hot” QBs of the moment because the Lions can RUN the ball. Indeed, the Lions were tied for 1st with 27 rushing TDs (SF & Miami were the others).

The Bucs have just 8 rushing TDs.
The Packers have just 10 rushing TDs.


Good. Lets be the underdogs.


Does he define what he means by dangerous? Because if you’re talking about guys who can take a play that looks like a complete bust with no one open, pass rush closing in, etc, and extend the play to turn what should be a negative into a positive (whether by scrambling around and finding a receiver on a scramble drill or running for a big game) it’s probably not a terrible list.

If you’re talking about dangerous as in likely to make the correct reads, limit mistakes, move the offense, and just generally play at a high level, probably not a great list.

And since it says most dangerous and not best QBs left, my guess is he probably meant the first definition. Or maybe he’s just salty.


What I appreciate is how hard the Nation media is working to keep that chip on the shoulder and making sure it is extremely large and heavy.

I want this team to be on the verge of insanity at kickoff. Except Goff, I want him to be calm and on point…hehehehe. But everyone else needs to have the murderous look in their eye. You know the one Suh walks around with 24/7.

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100%. Dan said before Matt requested a trade that “it may happen.”

Did he really put Baker over Goff? Lol

More irritating for me is the love going to Baker!!!
Never really cared for DanO much. Even more reasoning for me not to like him lol

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I honestly don’t consider goff ‘dangerous’ like on a play per play basis.

really super consistent and I’d rather have that to be honest. all your skill position players make a lot of money. Just get them the ball.

I think some would call that a major advantage for Goff…idk I could be wrong…

People can take any information they want and twist it to make an argument.

Goff is a better QB/more dangerous because he has that running game. It’s not hurting Goff in any evaluation whatsoever.

This is how I want the NFL script writers to entertain us during the coin toss.

Jared “Iceman” Goff vs Baker “Maverick” Mayfield

We’ll find out who is more dangerous this Sunday at 3pm.

I’ve been beating this horse - that Goff doesn’t get nearly the same share of opportunities QBs like Dak and Mahomes get near the goalline to throw for scores. The same was true in LA, where Gurley scored … I think it was 17 rushing TDs in 2018.

OTOH, the Lions’ O is prolific enough that even w/that Goff STILL tied for 4th in TD throws w/30. Last year his 29 ranked 8th.

If Goff had, say, 37 or 38 TD throws instead of 30 his stats and rating would be higher and it’d be harder to keep him out of the Pro Bowl and out of the top-QB conversation.

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