David Montgomery to Detroit goodbye jamaal

My thing is if it’s true
Brad clearly valued Williams

And the fans would’ve thought that was a bad contract to give him

Not a fan of the fans going out of way to dis Jamaal

Instead of just focusing on what the promising DM brings to team.


I haven’t seen where anyone did that… I’m not sure is there’s a lot here to read

@Thats2 we don’t want any of that here.
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Tell that sum-bitch to close his mind or we gonna close it for him!

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As someone said - we were in trouble any time Swift was out. Jamaal was willing but not really a central guy. Montgomery lets us be as good when Swift is in or out. His ypc will suffer as he will do the short yardage plays where a 1-3 yard run is a first down or td but hurts the average. Ask Williams. But I think if you look at carries outside the short yardage situations he will be 4.2-4.4. That’ll work.

But I don’t see the Lions as running more than 450 times and perhaps less. Assuming Jamison W is what Coach and Holmes claimed, add him to St Brown and I think we pass it a whole lot. If we aren’t allowing lots of sacks or QB turnovers, passing plays get you 7-7.5 yards per try. Running plays maybe 4.5 if things go well.

That still provides around 400 carries for Swift and Montgomery. Hopefully about 1800 yards (then add what our other runners including St Brown and Williams accumulate in around 50 carries).


It appears to me that Montgomery is here to be a lead back. Swift isn’t because he’s injured a lot. And Jamaal isn’t because he’s not dynamic enough.

David gives game breaking ability while being a steadying presence and availability. Now the Lions can find niche players if Swift leaves. If Swift doesn’t re-sign, because he’s incapable, due to injuries, to be a steady, lead back…we have Monty who can and will keep things rolling.


Agree. I think Swift is more explosive, but less tough than MtG. MtG will be a very nice piece to a 2 /3 headed monster. Looove Swift & what he brings, but it’s only a handful of games/year.

I think we get another RB this year…possibly another next (both in the draft )

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