Day 1 in remodel

These farm boys are killing me. Started taking out the concrete counter tops and wtf…re-rod. And it’s chaired up so it didn’t float to the bottom. Just so you know, most footings didn’t have their re-rod chaired and it did float to the bottom. They lose credit for not using epoxy coated rod though.

I take people in rural area’s to doctors appointments 3 days a week, so today I didn’t get started until this afternoon after 3:30 pm, so just about an hours worth here. Bringing in more tools tomorrow that should lighten the load of taking this shit out.


That is quite a job! Keep posting pictures as you go!


I’ve never gone to quite that extreme, but I know there have been situations where I’ve done something and said, “Man, I feel sorry for the poor SOB who has to tear this out…”

Better you than me, my friend.

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Good man. Heard some horror stories about the scarcity of medical resources available to many folks living out in the sticks.

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We have excellent options here, it’s just getting people to their destination and back. Yesterday, I picked up a guy and took him to his appointment…over 120 miles round trip.

Getting the tops off but have filled all the 5 gallon buckets I have, they’re going to be dumped for rip rap on a friends property. Next step will be to starting tearing out existing cabinets. The place I started there is a 36" cabinet, that’s coming out but I’ll leave the styles from the base and put fillers in to bring it down to 30" for a slide in range. Doing the same to the cab above and putting in a microwave. Doing the same to the 36" pantry and then sliding in a 33" cabinet depth Fridge. This will allow me to tear out the cab’s by the island so that I can add seating.


I suspect each area has different options for those in need.

Here in the Coachella Valley, I drove the AmVet van to Loma Linda once a week for 13 years. It was mostly fun driving vets and listening to their pissing matches.

Now I drive occasionally for Road To Recovery under the auspices of the American Cancer Society. You’re notified when patients need rides in your locale. It’s cool because you sign up only when it fits your schedules.

I gots to do those things now that I’m a certified old ■■■■.

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Do you live in Palm Springs?

Yes, for 21 years

Parents spend winters down there. Gonna be down there with my fam in November.

Where is your project house? In Iowa?

Yes. This is from the Cedar Rapids Gazette in 1969, part of a 2 page article. The original flooring was the wildest ■■■■■■■ thing you’ve ever seen, I need to get a picture of it. Lot’s of cool things balanced by lot’s of, “Are you ■■■■■■■ kidding me?” shit.

Cool. If you have time to get a cup of coffee, let me know.

I would like that. Hopefully I can break the lock on wifey’s
shock collar by then.

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Prior owner saw those overpriced counter renewal kits at the store, and decided to make their own kit with concrete and rebar. :rofl:

Yes, 2nd owner did the tops, really bad job with the epoxy seal. Color was really bad from run to run. We will be the 3rd owner on this home, the “fixes” need to be fixed.

Was that concrete on top of Formica? It was hard to tell.

Yep, and actually using a hammer drill over the top is less daunting because I’m not too worried about breaking the cab’s underneath.

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You’re keeping those cabinets? Gonna paint or stain?

Ask her, she wanted to keep the house as original as possible. I wanted to shit can the whole kitchen and start over. The cab’s are all plywood and built in place, it’s actually going to be a bitch to remove the one’s that I will be removing. At this point I am just trying to get on with it for a Nov. 3 possession.

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If you were in CO, I would come and help you.

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