Decker provides Cap relief

Years ago I remember my company had a bonus program that was tied to certain performance metrics. But there would be a meeting where they would review the metrics and after that meeting, you would get your bonus. One morning I woke up and checked my bank account and the balance had jumped dramatically. I called the CFO and she said that they did the peformance bonus, but forgot to invite me to the meeting since I was out of state working.

I imagine the auto restructure clause has to feel like that for at least a few guys. :rofl:


We did this and at the end of the season, we rolled over $1,079,476. So we used the $15M that we saved from Goff’s restructure, we just didn’t use it in UFA.

We used that $15M, just not in UFA (draft picks, min salary guys, practice squad, in season roster moves). So if we didn’t restructure Goff, we would have had to find another way to come up with $15M to use on signing draft picks, min salary guys, practice squad and in season roster moves). If you look at our 2021 roster, we couldn’t have come up with that cap space with other players. We could have done Flowers and got $8.5M and Vaitai and gotten another $4M, but that was really all that was available.

This is a popular comment by NFL writers. It’s one I don’t agree with.


Not only was that restructure necessary to get under the cap as you mentioned……

But I will also reiterate that it was a “simple” restructure… meaning that no additional money was actually paid to Goff.

He didn’t receive 1 extra penny.

The cap hits may have been massaged… but that didn’t change his his cash paid… so it had zero impact on the Lions cap overall.

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about the JMS thing? , He also had,chit defense, chit leadership , and minimal pass protection out of the O-line, with a revolving door of RB’s that were questionable for 9 seasons.