Decker provides Cap relief

He had suffered injuries that ended his season early the previous 3 years in a row, and had a history of concussion.
Perriman was coming off an injury, too. He was never all that reliable to begin with.


When the season starts, you start counting everything, all players on IR/PUP/NFI, all practice squad plus the 53 players on the active roster. So right now both Paschal counts $1.4M and John Cominsky counts $965K. So if Paschal is activated after week 4 and he takes Cominsky’s spot, we’ll have Paschal still counting $1.4M and Cominisky counting $214K ($965,000 x 4weeks/18total weeks) . . . so we save $750K at that point.


That’s not accurate.

There were three people that could have been restructured: Goff, Vaitai or Flowers. Vaitai woulnd’t have given us enough cap space. Flowers was going to be cut after the season, so his savings would have accelerated forward when we cut him or we could have done Goff. There was no other option.

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That dude and Perriman more than him were injury risks. For sure one was going to take a crap.

Last season from camp to mid season was very Tigers 2022ish

Both receivers crap out and it kills our depth.
Cephus craps out not much later and our QB who is adjusting to Everything is Different now gets a WR group that wouldnt beat WMU

At least his top 10 Oline is intact…oops, wait, there goes Ragnow…and Decker…and shit…

Well Swift is a difference maker…and poof.

Hey we have some veteran leadership on D with Jamie Collins and Brockers, right??? Womp Womp

Umm…young talented secondary guy in Okudah and Romeo should be back annnnybday now…annny dayy…

Hock is a good tarrr…well shit, now he’s gone.

It was a shitshow year that still was a bounce, a wind gust, a drop and one play away from being a 7 win year…


Take the above and add in the team never gave up and fought more than I remember previous Lion teams doing and you see why there is optimism.


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Very big of him to stuff his bank account with $$ today rather than in future years?
No, no thank-you’s are needed

This reminds me of Suh restructuring and people saying what a great guy.

The players win on restructures


They weren’t “horrible” decisions
They were about all they could do under the circumstances
Let’s not overblown things


Not sure how this thread fell back to a Stafford vs Goff thread.
What’s done is done
It’s totally irrelevant

We now have Goff and the hope is he thrives in Detroit. Simple.


When will be out time to spend big in UFA? Hopefully never

Landon Collins, Golladay, CJ Mosley, N Suh, C Kirk, D Fowler, D Ford, E Thomas, Lev Bell, B Dupree, T Flowers, Big V, Trumaine Johnson, B Jones…

Hell even go back to Haynesworth and Mario Williams with Wash and Bills- first 2 100M defensive contracts.

Hell- what about the Bears giving the farm for Mack I’m trade, then paying over 120M…. Bears a a winning record once in the 4 years- lost its only playoff game and is buried in a rebuild.

  • right now Jonah Jackson, TJ Hock, A Bryant, Hughes, and Chark & AO are on “EXTENSION WATCH”
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Lol. Agree. If the Stafford wives vs haters thread doesn’t end it, nothing will….

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I absolutely agree. This team has ignored their protectors for decades resulting in the mediocre teams. I’m beating the dead Barry horse, but if Barry had an Oline in front of him……


Since everyone loves to talk Rams and Stafford- I will use them.

The Rams triggered 24M dead cap by trading Goff last year, but manipulated the rest of the roster masterfully

They had 49M in dead cap last year…mostly because of trading Goff and choking down what they owed Gurley…. They have just under 16M this year, mostly from moving on from R Woods…

If everyone stays healthy and together- then the Rams have a 2 year window- kind of…. Right now they have “160M” in dead cap for Donald, Stafford, Kupp, Ramsey, Floyd and A Rob next year… but team is already 22MM otc. THE PROBLEM IS THEY CANT DO ANYTHING MORE WITH THOSE 6 DEALS!

The 2024 Rams are already 24M over the cap with just 21 guys under contract!!!

Next year we are 28M better right now, and that’s after they kicked the can as far as they can on guys who will mostly be 29-35 in 2 years.

In 2024 we have same number of guy under contract but we have 108MM more cap room….

Better yet the only guys with notable 2024 dead cap are Sewell, Rags, Hutch, Jamo, And to lesser extends Decker and Goff-

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…but you have to admit, that Stafford guy is pretty handsome!


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still, Decker did not have to give anything, he chose to and that was to help the team. yeah he has money, but doesn’t have to donate it to the betterment of this team…he chose to…weather he is uncle money bags or not.

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Back in the 2000’s and early 2010’s, teams had to go to the player and request his permission, which they virtually always received, now when they do contracts, being able to do a simple restructure is written into the original contract, you no longer need permission.


This is NOT true.

Those 6 players have $70 million in base salary… and about 90% of that could be converted via restructures to lower their cap hits for 2023. they can spread those hits out over several seasons since most of those guys will be Rams beyond 2023.

They also have Noteboom, Wagner, and Higbee available to restructure… if needed.

This is what I was talking about. Then as I recall, we did nothing with that extra money. Making the decision sort of foolish, unless they had a target and failed to hit. But then again you make the deal in principle with your QB IF you need it, then go make the deal or not then do the deal, or not. Pushing money down the line, which we did, indeed gave us dead money down the line we did not have prior to making the restructure. We could have not done the restructure, then IF we wanted to trade him the acquiring team had 5M less incentive to do so and again, we never used the money to better the team in 2021. Goff has worked out, so it’s sort of a moot point, but we did restructure his contract and it did make it more painful on us IF we had parted ways.

IIR, they needed the cap space to field the team and be under the cap. Again, IIR they only had $2-3M to use in season to sign players to replace injuries.