Detroit Doppelganger

1994 Pittsburgh Steelers (Wiki Link)

Bill Cowher – Dan Campbell

Dom Capers – Aaron Glenn

Dick Lebau – Aubrey Pleasant

Marvin Lewis – ???

Dermonte Dawson – Frank Ragnow

Kevin Greene – Aiden Hutchinson

Greg Lloyd – Okwara/Harris (a little stretch)

1rst Rd pick WR Charles Johnson (17th) – Jameson Williams

Bam Morris/Barry Foster – Swift and Jamaal Williams

All we are missing is Okudah turning into Rod Woodson (I heard those chuckles…)

Are we building the 94 Pittsburgh Steelers?

What are your Doppelganger teams of the past that fit what we are building today?


I think it could look something like that. I don’t think we’re quite there yet, but it is such a gift to watch. LOVING it.

We’re building, man!


Dude… I love this.

I was a history major, and think it’s amazing that you can draw these parallels. Just great work.

I lack the extensive NFL knowledge to contribute a similar team, but the Cowher-Campbell connection seems right on. I hope we are building a tough group like that.

The good thing is… toughness never goes out of style in the NFL. If you are the baddest dudes on the block, that’s something to hang your hat on.

Championships are hard to come by. But grit is a great starting point, and gets you into the playoffs most years. And once you are in the dance, magic can happen. Especially if you couple it with self awareness.

In the shorter term, I’d love a team like those Steelers. Hard to play every week, and fun to root for. Here’s hoping it’s real, and not poisoned Kool-Aid!


Amazing……Greg Lloyd is a huge stretch but amazing none the less.

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I feel like the defense still has too many question marks, but I TOTALLY believe in the guys that are building and developing this thing. Our front offices are bad ass!


Amazing transformation from year one to year 2.
I think we have Matt Stafford to thank. He forced this.
I think him being him (in relation to “the curse”), I think he may have actually broke it.


It’s either him or Dan.
Could argue Sheila.


Neil O’Donnel- Jared Goff??


All I know is we are going to be an obnoxious fan base once we really start winning. We have 65 years of frustration to release.

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He didn’t play for the steelers until 98, but going with the flow I’ll say Amon-Ra St. Brown = Heinz Ward?


Detroit Doggz.

Can’t wait for Hard Knocks, can’t wait for the first preseason game, can’t wait for the regular season to start.

I have always liked the Heinz Ward / Amon - Ra St. Brown comparisons. A couple of middle round wide receivers with attitude.

While I can’t quite get here, I can see the team being built in a way that has potential to be very good. When we are, we will have forged our own identity and will never have to compare ourselves to anyone.

I can’t unsee the/unfeel the parallels between now this feels vs how it felt when the Pistons were rebuilding toward a title. You could just see the “edge” in them and sense that they were the most badass team, wether they had that trophy or not.
…you also knew they’d have it soon.

Feels like the Pistons int he Corliss Williamson/Chucky Atkins days…with WAY different coaches. (Carlisle was better than Patricia, but Dan is better than Larry Brown).

The entire defensive line and Okudah are all x-factors for me. Their development is what determines how far we go. The offense is gonna be top 10 easily (with Goff healthy).

This thing will look very much like Bill Cowher’s Steelers.

by all means, enjoy the parallels. But in the end, this team will be forged in its own image. Its own fingerprints will be distinct and dirty. This does have that “Going to Work” Pistons feel. I loved that team and I don’t even like basketball all that much. But I love tough, gritty teams that other teams hate to play. I think we are becoming that as just a bunch of guys in Detroit.

We can forget about “salty” and just cut to gritty instead.

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I know some of you guys had this poster hanging up. What I wouldn’t give to see Dan Campbell and Aaron Glenn remake this photo! @BigNatty love the old Pistons!


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Love it!

Bill Goldberg Wrestling GIF by WWE
Dan Campbell is Goldberg.

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I mean, I kind of see it.

But I’ve still got to see this team start winning games. Hope it is this year.


Cowherd’s Steelers only more handsome, bro.

Here’s one….

DC- Tom Coughlin

Goff- Eli Manning

Swift/J Will- Jacobs/Bradshaw

Chark/ASB/Jamo- Nicks/Manningham/Cruz

Hock- Ballard

Hutch- JPP
C Harris- Osi
Paschal- Tuck
McNeill- L Joseph
Julian O- Kiwanuka

Barnes- M Boley

Walker- A Rolle
D Elliott- K Phillips
AO- C Webster
Okudah- A Ross

These are very… very similar rosters….