Detroit Lions a top trade-up candidate in NFL draft, 'knocking on the door'

Not sure who in this draft Holmes would want to trade up for



Powers-Johnson possesses starting-caliber power and finesse traits at center or guard for both zone or man/gap-blocking concepts. He is dominant enough at his position to be considered a top-20 talent.


I think he’ll fall to 29, at least. There’s been rumors for months that there are medical issues.

If we’re trading up for an iOL (which I really hope we don’t), I’d much prefer Barton. He’ll definitely go before our pick.

2 Likes has him #2 behind Barton. I agree with that ranking.

I think if Detroit trades up it would be for a guy they think is a top defender that slides a bit because of all the QB/WR/OT that go in top 15.


It’s my suspicion that the Lions covet Terrion Arnold. Can’t imagine them being able or willing to spend what it would take to go up and get him, but a GM can dream.

I don’t see them trading up for any position besides cb. Mitchell, Wiggins?

I also predict they draft an OT before they draft a iOL.

The Lions have a lot of depth players but lack some high end talent at certain positions. So I could see a trade up making sense. X-receiver, corner, DE, etc…The best talent will be gone at 29.

The things that are available about him publicly seem to point to him being a Brad and Dan kind of guy. They want guys who are smart and instinctive. And they also want guys who are comfortable in their own skin, which helps them to adapt to being in the NFL around grown men living on their own for the first time. Arnold seems to have it. CB specific Brad said they are looking for guys with relentless confidence.


Holmes and Campbell tend to have a more specific “guy” than the mean. Which means the amount of first round grades they have is probably less than most. Statistically indicates the possibility of a trade up being very real

Trade up for a cb who would start right away. Arnold or mitchell…

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What picks are we giving up to move up? We have no 4th round pick. I think a trade down is more likely.

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I keep thinking about Kool Aid McKinstry. Is it worth trading up for Arnold when we could have Kool Aid? There seems to be this Jonathan Banks/Darius Slay thing going on where Arnold is the Slay on the rise. And Kool Aid is the Banks who is overrated.

But man, I’m not so sure about that. They threw at Arnold but not Kool Aid really. Why is that?

I could definitely see us trading up for DE over CB.

Could see it too. Difficult to predict who Brad and Dan covet. None of us called those top 3 picks last year. IF the Lions trade up, seems they’d move for DEs Verse/Latu/Turner or CBs Arnold/Mitchell.

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QUINYON Mitchell… If he’s there at say, pick 14 or 15, I think there’s a chance.

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A natural fit.

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