Detroit Lions’ Dan Campbell on taking over playcalling: ‘I’m growing at it’

This will never, ever be normal.

The fact we are casually accepting this as normal speaks to the dysfunction in the franchise, Detroit media, and even the fans.


Swift is the first Lions player with back-to-back 100-yard games since Kevin Jones in 2004.

The scary thing is that doesn’t even surprise me….there’s nothing normal about this franchise.


We lost by double digits in each of Lynn’s last 3 games as coordinator. Campbell has at least had us in a position to win at the end. Its not ideal but neither is having Lynn as the playcaller.


I’m actually loving the play calling although they aren’t winning games. It’s close. I love how they’re establishing the run as it’s something they’ve never done in forever. I hope they get better at it for next season. Dominate the trenches, establish the run, and play tough defense. This is something I’ve wanted for a long time. It’s not sexy but the Lions need an identity badly.

168 yards rushing against Cleveland.
229 yards rushing against Pittsburgh.


Rain and grass neutralizes talent as much as a good defense. The weather and run-focused opponents have been equalizers more than anything, IMO.

We’re headed back to the turf where athleticism can go on full display.


Learn not to run a draw on every 3rd-and-long, Dan.

Not sure it matters when you can’t get more than 80 yds of total offense in the first half. Losing by 3 or 30, you can’t move the ball for an entire half, you shouldn’t expect to win in the NFL. You’re relying on the other team playing down to your level.

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Yep, let’s see how the team does Thursday.

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Just being politically correct about how they’re firing the OC. Not normal. Not supposed to be sold as normal. Not even a thing. He’s forced into an interim OC position that he never wanted. Not a good option, but it’s what’s available now.

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And where TheRealTB12 is unveiled and will blossom.

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Go watch the other video on why this was good for both plays in the last game…. Everything is situational

I don’t love how we’ve set passing back to the 1940s.

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Good points on weather being a factor but the Lions had to plan for it and relatively executed.

Everyone and their mother knows the Bears are going to try and establish the run. Load the box, pressure Dalton and make him beat you through the air. Especially if your CBs are potentially your biggest breakthrough asset.

I’m with you Nate.

We have an experience OC who has had success at multiple locations. A man who coached Justin Herbert to succeed as a rookie.

We table him so that our HC who has no experience calling plays can learn on the job and grow at it.

I can’t say this enough. Lions fans had a real issue with Caldwell and his game management mistakes. DC makes far more mistakes than Caldwell did.

This organization continues to regress.


The last time we saw that level of ground attack was Kursk.

Yeah but
Cleveland 77 yrds passing
Pitt 114 yrds passing.

Wins 0

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Yeah I agree, let’s Bragg about rushing for a 168 yrds yet we only passed for 77. That gonna be real successful. Lol


Great running teams can punish the defense and force their will. The run game needs to get better and right now is the strength of the offense.

I would assume once they get consistently good at it, the pass game will come next.


But that’s not what you said, you can rush for 200 yrds every game and forcing your will as you say, but if you only pass for 77 yrds you won’t win many games in today’s NFL.

Pure bullcock! You can win with -3 yards passing baby!!

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