Detroit Lions Depth Chart Tracker (The Roster is Full)

This is the current Detroit Lions Depth Chart (Estimated based on what all the websites state)
It will be interesting whose cut waved and released this pre season. Some guys that started games last season will be gone. Its a great problem to have.

The roster is full! 91 players!
Lions only need to release 19 players by end of preseason.

Lions Didnt sign International player TE Murtagh due to injury. Sign OT Pircher instead

Lions sign FA OT Ifedi wave Darkangalo

Lions trade for K Patterson wave WR Thompson


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Updated roster.
No more room on the roster. If lions make a trade or want to sign anyone else they will have to cut/wave someone.

Lions will be cutting some good players to get to 53. It will be interesting

Could you imagine if we would’ve been able to re-Sign Chark, bring in a legit DT to play next to McNeil, added a quality backup QB and a solid backup veteran corner like Sin or Peters?

Team would be bonkers!

Wish swift wouldn’t have gotten butt hurt over the Gibbs draft pick. We would’ve been solid 1-3.

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Chark is not needed. Marvin was just as productive last year.

I agree would love to see a big name DT come in.

And writing was on the wall for swift. A 1-2 punch is good enough. 3rd RB on most teams is a UDFA or a scrap bin player so Reynolds/ Jefferson/ Ibrihim will be a good 3.

Back up QB is over rated. Theres MAYBE 5 backups in the nfl that can win multiple games if the starter goes down. If Goff goes down for multiple games the season is done even with a decent backup.

Corner isnt needed at all now.
Mosely, Sutton, CJGJJr, Branch, Jospeh, Jacobs, Walker, Harris is a very good group.

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But Jones is not 6’4" with 4.3 speed. He cannot stretch the field, or at least threaten to stretch the field in the same manner as Chark… which has implications on the offense.

Without Jamo, this team has 0 deep threats which makes St. Brown a little easier to put in bracket coverage.

Jamo’s suspension will hurt the offense’s potential for the first 1/3 of the season imo. Not having Chark as a plan B was understandable, but i think it’s going to bite them hard through October.


I hear what your saying.
But chark and jamo didnt play vs Seattle lions scored 45 points
Didnt play vs chicago scored 31 points.
The offense will be fine. Even if its
St brown, jones jr and Raymond/ Reynolds the first few games


Pretty sure most of us here rather have Chark than Marvin Jones and this is coming from a big time Marvin Jones supporter.

Corner depth is always needed.

Moseley is coming off a serious injury.

Jacobs is relatively unproven and didn’t grade out as well as he did passing the eye test last season.

Harris is the same guy we always know.

Sutton will now be playing outside more than he did for Steelers.

Johnson will play nickel and safety.

I see no reason not to add one more veteran to this group. Especially since we have the cap space

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Two of the worst defenses in the league, along with us.

They didn’t play against the Patriots either, Lions scored 0 points.

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We also started winning a lot once Chark got healthy and involved in the offense. His deep threat really opened up the passing game on short and intermediate routes.

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I think/hope we’ll be able to cobble together a similar sort of threat from Gibbs and LaPorta. It will be different since Gibbs will be out of the backfield and LaPorta up the seam, but hopefully it will accomplish the same stuff. Plus a few deep shots to Raymond now and again. Though again he’ll have to do it from the slot rather than outside.


Exactly. Too many weapons all over this offense to be worried about 1 aspect. Ben Johnson can draw up many plays to open up routes.


Running 5 DB/S in their base offense youll have

Mosley, CJGJ, Sutton, Branch, Joseph.

Even if Mosley is out you have Harris Walker and Jacobs off the bench.

I fail to see a major weakness at CB.

The only major hole i see on this team anywhere MAY be interior DL.

But Levi was out all last year
Romeo missed 13 games
Harris missed 12 games
Comish missed 5 games
Julian missed 9 Games
Pashcael missed 10 games

Right there in the front 4 rotation is the equivalent of adding 3 players. On the front 4.
Plus adding Martin and Covington

There isnt a glarring weakness on this team.

Maybe before the deadline they make a move if there is a hole but i dont see one right now

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Never said it was a weakness just wanted some extra experienced depth

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What about QB?

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Goff is a top 5 QB statistically.

Hooker will be a great back up when healthy.