Detroit Lions Depth Chart Tracker (The Roster is Full)

But …
If I were a betting man, I’d bet big $$$ Johnson will find creative ways to use Gibbs (a burner with great hands) and LaPorta (YAC guy) throughout the first six games


Corner is as big a need as DT imo. A lot of people are banking on Sutton and Moseley playing at their absolute best which would give us solid outside corners. But there’s a decent change that doesn’t happen. At least not for a entire season. Jacobs might be solid depth but Harris should be the last DB on any roster let alone a good one.

Outside corner still needs another player imo. After Jacobs, it is extremely thin. And that’s only 3 guys that we can “count on” on the outside. And two of those are still questions marks.


It’s a valid point. Moseley coming ACL tear. Jacobs has torn his ACL twice now, once in college, once with the Lions, same knee. Now maybe they really like Chase Lucas!? They couldn’t get rid of Okudah fast enough it seemed. AO gone, Hughes gone. Massive turnover at the corner spot in a good way, but depth and injury histories could be a concern.

here are the vets still on the market…

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Fuller used to be good, but just saw he tore his ACL last year. Holmes loves torn ACL’s though, so I’d imagine Fuller to the Lions by the end of the week. lol

Marcus Peters makes a lot of big plays, tons of INT’s but also gets beat a lot. Kinda reminds me of Dre Bly with his play making and risk taking, which is interesting.

I would take any of them

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I feel like Lucas was an exclusive inside corner but I could be wrong on that. We are loaded at S/iCB so it’s not a huge deal that we are potentially thin on the outside.

Either way we got loads better on defense so I’m happy going in with what we have.

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Now he will probably never stay healthy, but Iffy should be moved back to corner, where he at least showed a little bit of potential as a rookie.

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I would be fine with any of them on a prove it deal for under 3m per or there about.

For those wondering DB Depth chart goes

CJGJ, Lucas, Dorsey, Thomas

Sutton, Mosely, Jacobs, Harris, Williams, Gilmore

K Joseph, Branch, Walker, Melifonwu, Breeze, Smith, B Joseph.

So I wouldn’t be mad at all for another CB below sutton/ Over Harris

I think Branch is more of a nickel, at least that’s what he mostly played at Bama.

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Lions have Branch listed as a CB/NB not a S.


Here’s how I have it (roster locks in bold):

CB (aka the primarily perimeter guys)
Cameron Sutton
Emmanuel Moseley
Jerry Jacobs
Starling Thomas V (Played almost exclusively outside in college, I’ve seen some talk about him moving inside at the NFL level because he is only 5’10"…but why? The Lions have a glutton of guys who can play nickel and Thomas was clocked at 24+ mph via GPS and has a 6’3" wingspan. If he’s going to make the roster, it’s going to be on the outside, imo)
Jarren Williams
Steven Gilmore

NB (aka inside/outside + safety versatility)
Brian Branch
Will Harris
Chase Lucas
Khalil Dorsey

S (aka the safeties)
Tracy Walker
Kerby Joseph
Ifeatu Melifonwu
Saivion Smith
Brandon Joseph
Brady Breeze

I honestly see room for 2 of the guys not bolded to make the roster. If someone held a gun to my head, I’d guess it’s Starling Thomas and either one of Brandon Joseph/Iffy at S. Iffy offers versatility, but he sucks just as much at CB as he did at S last season. With so much depth at the nickel, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lions only kept 3 (Walker, Kerby, and another) with CJCJ, Branch, and Harris all being able to play in a pinch/rotate in as needed.

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I just have the top 5 DBs on the field so branch is a saftey. Hes listed as a DB currently.

So 5 DBs starting
Sutton, Cjgj, Mosley
Branch. Joseph.

Off the bench,

Jacobs, Walker, Harris, Melifenwu, Lucas

Fighting for a spot,
Thomas, dorsey, gilmore, williams, smith, breese, b joseph.

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I don’t think the Lions are paying Tracy Walker the most of anyone in their secondary to come off the bench. He was the leader of the backfield heading into the season last year and is one of the few guys the Lions have signed to a multi-year deal under Holmes. If he’s healthy, he’s starting. They have consistently said that communication in the backfield (without Walker) was a reason they struggled last season. I have doubts they’d start a rookie over Walker if he’s healthy.

CB - Sutton
CB - Moseley
S - Walker
S - Joseph

Depth - Jacobs (outside), Branch (nb/s), Harris (everywhere)

I think these are the only roster locks right now. I’d be surprised if any of those guys didn’t make the roster. Everyone else is fighting for 2-3 spots. And looking at the roster and seeing other decisions they’ll have to make, I’d be guessing it’s probably 2 spots vs. 3.


Just my $0.02:
As much as I like KerJo, I don’t think he’s a lock to start. I wouldn’t be shocked if its Walker and CGJ, Sutton, Mosely and Branch. I’d give the edge to KerJo (th9ugh not a done deal), and CGJ then replaces Branch. And if Mosely isn’t ready…that could also shake things up. But its a nice problem to have six capable starters and five spots.

As cheap as Harris is, I also don’t consider him a lock to make the team. Maybe he starts out on the 53 man roster, but he better get used to playing ST. BJo, Smith, Thomas all could be kept over Harris.

Iffy is a better corner than safety. I hope they switch him back. We need a corner with long speed.

But wait - you’re happy with Goff?
Nah, never mind, I just can’t…

Sudfeld is the next QB to break all of Tom Brady’s records… he just hasn’t played a meaningful down yet.

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Season 4 Drinking GIF by Friends

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He better hurry the ■■■■ up! He’s about to turn 30 and is averaging about 17 yards passing per season.

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Yes im very happy with goff

Mid season i was ready to move on.
After looking at the whole season and the last few games of 21. Goff is top 5. And at the very least top 10 till he proves otherwise