Detroit Lions Depth Chart Tracker (The Roster is Full)

Beat me to it. Damn near verbatim.


I think Walker will likely start too, but we actually have depth and competition for once. Hopefully Branch plays so well in training camp that he’s pushing these dudes for playing time. Same with Jacobs.

Good chart but I think we make room for Ibrahim, B Joseph and Martinez.

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Martinez practice squad.
Ibrahim could replace reynolds.
B joseph will have hard time beating out some guys

don’t disagree, but there will be more IR’s before we need to get to 53.

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Lions made some moves over the weekend. Updated the chart

Damm someone that understands, most on here think you just plug anyone in and it’s the same. They don’t even understand the whole stretch the field thing. They look at a few stats say well he as good.

True, Chark has deep speed. But, what good is deep speed when he’s always on the injured list.

Kalif had more deep catches than Chark last season. Gibbs speed is another major concern for defenses. We will miss Jamo’s speed for sure though. Gonna need to run the ball more and convert on 3rd downs. LaPorta, Gibbs, Monty and St. brown should be pretty good at keeping the chains moving. Reynolds and Raymond will chip in too. Not sure how much Marvin has left to be honest, hopefully a bit left in the tank.


Original posted updated to have the current 91 roster after the Patterson trade

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