Detroit Lions QB Jared Goff Is Joe Cool in December!

Banned Video Was Here.

Didn’t know his video was banned from here. He is a little different but his stats were correct that was my whole point of this thread. Goff is the number one ranked QB in the month of Dec and it isn’t even close.

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Wasn’t this guy’s stuff banned bc he was so toxic?

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How can anyone want a new QB after that stat porn show?

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He is not elite he us going to want to much money we can’t afford his contract demands ohhh and did i mention he is not elite. We need to draft an elite QB in the draft


“Draft an elite QB in the draft”

I’d like me thinking I’m going to the local bar and finding my Elizabeth Hurly to marry and live happy ever after with for the next 20 years

No QB is the draft is elite… can’t be since they haven’t played a snap in even a preseason game yet

Goff is proven, reliable and here…. And he will not break the bank. Same short thought some had here with Matt.

I’m glad our leadership sees this: Goff is our QB for the next 2/3 years…. Maybe we draft one maybe we don’t…

Fact is, because of defense not Goff, we are not already locked with a playoff seed…. Overall he is not or has been the main problem….

He is 6-2 and the defense lost both the games…. And yet, he sucks….

Live in the present not the future


That guy needs to spin the Goff diss wheel to come back down to earth >



Yeah, he’s definitely persona non grata after chastising Nate for not bowing at his greatness.

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Yea I posted one of his videos a while back and got a PM that his content wasn’t allowed here because he was a giant douchebag to all the mods


Sorry should have used this to help with my post

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Correct, so we are going to lock the thread and clip the video out so as not to give him more eyeballs.