Detroit Tigers

Thoughts . . . looked like they were signing some international players, don’t know much about it. Looking for some input from someone who follows them more closely in the offseason than I do.


I hear some are hoping to trade Stafford to the Tigers for draft picks.


They had one of the larger pools of international money of all teams and for years compared to their previous pools. In the past they haven’t spent too much in one place, very lotto ticket oriented, which so far hasn’t really borne fruit. They have signed a lot of under the radar guys, with last year’s signing of Roberto Campos being a real cloak and dagger thing. Reason why is the scout who scouted Miggy in 1999 when he was 16 said Campos is the same as Miggy when he saw Campos at 15.

This year, last week in fact, they spent 90% of their pool on 2 guys, one a high ceiling toolsy prospect and one a high floor defense first guy that they hope he learns how to hit.

Beyond that Paredes was Mexican League MVP, Skubal Mize and Manning are 3 of the top 15 pitching prospects in MLB and if Faedo Wentz or Frankie Perez get over their arm surgeries, it’s a deep rotation down the line, as Turnbull looks like a good back end guy.

Tork and Greene project to be fast risers and maybe Daz Cameron and Kody Clemens live up to their genetics. Don’t sleep on Dingle, Danny Cabrera, Tre Cruz or Gabe Workman from then Tork draft class. That was an unbelievable draft, like 1974-76 good.

Plus they will add 3 OA this year, probably a HS SS.

2023 looks.awesome. 2021-22 not as much. 21 will be a mess. 22 will be where they have the ingredients in the cake altogether finally, hopefully like 1978 was…and then look out.

I sincerely hope this next coming off season they drop a huge cash bomb on Trevor Story. Horsehead offer.


What has really hurt their international development is Hugo Fucking Chavez.

They had at one point I think 8 or 9 Venezuelans on their roster and Magglio before that. They were the Yankees to a lot of young Venezuelan boys…and that bus driver turned dipshit dictator fuxked that entire country and thr Tigers legacy, camp and eventually the entire Venezuelan Summer League right out of existence. Players were afraid to go back for fear of being kidnapped for ransom, which happened more than a few times, then it was the families being kidnapped and yeah…giant communist shitshow.

It all happened slow, then real fast…as most collapses do. It’s obvious in the latter stages, less so in the former…

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With tigstown on hiatus, I knew I could count on the resident peace keeping varmint.

2021 is about Miggy’s chase the 3000 hit/500 homer club.
2022 is about competing again
Fidrych was the one that really got me interested in the Tigers, but Tram/Whitaker/Morris/Parrish kept me interested.
Great info, much appreciated, exactly what I was looking for as a primer for spring training.


They are gonna suck again this year, just like the Pistons and maybe the Red Wings.

Probably be dead last. I don’t know why our prospects aren’t getting better faster.

Their developmental system has really been amazingly shitty since 1980. Drafting too, which hopefully ended a few years ago.

Over that 35 year stretch if you put together a team of just guys they drafted and developed it is really not good.

Granderson and Verlander are the only 40+ WAR players. 40 WAR is basically the Hall of Very Good, 65 WAR is a lower end Hall of Famer.

All I know if all these top tier pitching prospects don’t pan out by 2024-5, then Al Avila royally screwed this franchise.

Tigstown is done. Announced on twitter by Wezner

Yeah, their in depth stuff was nice but they were in the slow lane, site wise and in other aspects. They are better suited to Twitter and podcasts.

It will be weird though, as I hope they keep up the tribute to Brian? the poster who was killed in the VA Tech campus shooting

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Tigers sign wilson ramos for on year deal
Dude can hit. Great pick up.

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Agreed. He hits, bring him back in 22 until Dingler is ready. Rogers looks like he’s just never going to hit, but will have a 10+yr MLB career as a backup because he is a sick sick defender.

Paredes/WCastro/Niko/Candy across the infield, soon to be joined by Tork, is very hopeful.

The OF is still a mess. Greene and hopefully Danny Cabrera and Robert Campos solve that by 22-24 Plus Parker Meadows, Daz Cameron…they have enough to think a couple will work out fine.

Between last draft (which was amazeballs) and what they grab in June, I think they will have the #1 farm system, or at least alot of real talent below age 24 ready for 22/23.

Need to drop a armored car on Trevor Story in the off-season though…


While coaches are not usually a storyline to watch for me I look forward to seeing what Fetters does with his staff.

His impact at UM was undeniable and is a leader in the use of analytics with pitchers, something the Tigers have never had. Can he help Boyd, Norris and Fulmer take another step not too mention the young guys coming up, talented young guys.

IMO, he could have the biggest impact on this team when you consider the talent on the roster.

I think he played with Kershaw as a kid… I heard that somewhere…

creepy parks and recreation GIF


Yeah, I think they grew up together or something. Two good arms, for sure.

Tigers have been making some moves
Resigning Schoop
Signing former 30 hr guy Nunez
And the Norma Marza
Not going to make the playoffs but making some moves at least.

Tigers should sign Tom Brady. I hear that guy is a winner.

I was hoping they would go after Mazara. Why this late? Who knows, but he has talent and maybe w the right hitting coach can unlock himself to the next level.

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They need more pitching, which I hope happens in the next few weeks.

Mize and Skubal will be on limited innings this season
Farmer coming back from injury so not sure what he can give inning wise.
Manning should come up at some point, but still limited innings with him as well.
Then injuries to starters will happen.

They need more pitching.