Did the Lions miss Theo Riddick?

The Lions really didn’t have a reliable pass catching RB in the Cardinal game. Would Theo have made a difference in the game?

McKissic is our pass catching back now.


Hard to miss a player that wouldn’t be able to contribute due to injury.


Because Theo Riddick would have injured his shoulder as a Detroit Lion by playing in the Denver Broncos preseason game

Jebus, we’re in the second week and it’s came to this?


If this topic really bothers you that much, and you have nothing of substance to add, why post in here? You can simply just ignore the thread.

Considering his injury history, it’s not unreasonable to assume he’d miss games regardless of what team he’s playing for.

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Good dude but couldn’t run at all and was only good for 5 snaps a game and 8 games a season… Oh and he’s no good to anyone this year…

We’re just fine, maybe better with our current RBs, even at catching the ball.

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I don’t miss Theo but I did wonder why we never tried to get KJ into space using the short passing game.

On the other hand we threw for nearly 400 yds so maybe it’s just a matter of having a lot more weapons then we have previously had.

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We miss Zenner before we miss Riddick. Zenner had good hands.


Quick answer hell no!


I answered the topic as I saw fit. Riddick would have made no difference. If so, why wasn’t the vastly better RB Johnson used more? You sound like the sensitive one here.

We do?

Has Zenner ever caught a pass more than 5 yard down field?

Somehow we miss ZZ…but 31 other teams don’t have a use for him either.

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First of all, I said "more than Riddick.

He had 196 yds receiving on 18 catches, 8.5 ypt in 2016. Caught 78.3% of his targets and his QB was Matt “fireball” Stafford.

One stat line is on first and 10, he had 10 targets, 7 catches, 125 yds, 5 first downs.

As for Riddick, the Broncos aren’t exactly missing him either, despite his injury.

“We miss Zenner before we miss Riddick. Zenner had good hands.”

You actually said “before”, not “more”…but it doesn’t really matter. I don’t miss either of them.

I’ve been calling for Riddick to be released for a couple of years now and have been saying that ZZ isn’t really a NFL RB either. My point was that at least Riddick seems to have some interest from other teams when he was released, ZZ not as much.

They meant the same thing in this context.

I understand.

Looked like mckissic is the new Theo.

ZZ is gone. Let it go.

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The Lions could’ve used Ty Johnson in that role as well.

To stay less predictable and versatile, anyone but Riddick keeps the D honest and provides the lions with better running. All our RBs can catch and run, big difference.

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