DJ mock draft 3.0

Daniel Jeremiah latest mock has Lions drafting Justin Fields at #7 pick. Sewell, Smith, Parsons, and Waddle were all still on the board at that pick.

3-2-1… go.

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Although I would probably take Sewell.

If they’re going to trade Goff for at least a 1st and a 3rd Rd pick, fine.

That would make the net effective return on the Stafford trade three 1st Rd picks and two 3d Rd picks.

If not, no thanks.

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Why would we trade for Goff with his contract to draft a qb in round one? We had offers from others for Stafford. I would be pissed if they took him in round one. That’s how you seat yourself back for years by doing that.

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Better question: why would we draft a QB in Round one given Goff’s contract (and ability)?


This debate depends on how you feel about Goff and how you feel about Fields.

I would be definitely for Fields at 7.

I am wondering if Holmes has had any talks with Mayhew to see if WFT is interested in #7 pick or Goff?

Or… I think this might be more likely… is that IF the Lions took Fields at #7… would Holmes plan to play Goff for a year and then trade him next year (Steelers will need a QB, maybe Bucs too?). Teams with quality rosters might be more inclined to trade for Goff to have a chance to win sooner than drafting a rookie in 2022.

Also… the “return” on the Stafford trade would enhanced with drafting a QB on a rookie deal and trading Goff, because it would create a decent amount of cap space to sign other free agents.

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No to Fields! No need to slap Goff in the face just yet!

He deserves a year to see what we may or may not have with him!

Here’s the answer. It’s because they see a potential upgrade at the most important position on the field. If they believe Fields is better than Goff, they shouldn’t settle for Goff. Making an upgrade at the QB position should always at very least be an option.

In this scenario, we play Goff, probably the whole year and evaluate him. If he’s the guy, keep him. If not, trade and hand the keys to JF1. If Goff goes out and proves himself, great. Flip Fields a la Josh Rosen.

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Is it 4 QB’s, Pitts and Chase off the board? Seems ridiculous to draft the 5th QB with the seventh pick here.

Gotta take Sewell. Where did Penei end up?

I see all of these posts and I’m thinking to myself… why wouldn’t you take a QB now?

I understand there’s a contingent of fans who believe Goff will be fine. Cool, he may or may not and I understand giving him an opportunity to prove himself.

But since when is investing in a QB a bad thing? If Goff lights it up, we could probably trade Fields for something halfway decent, likely another first rounder as young QBs with potential are pretty valuable. And if the “unlikely scenario” of Goff busting in Detroit, you have the heir apparent already on the roster.

Then you also open yourself up to a world of possibilities in 2022 and 2023 without necessarily forcing yourself into taking a QB or packaging up to take a QB.

Kayvon Thibodeaux, DeMarvin Leal, Kyle Hamilton, Christian Harris are all players that would be phenomenal talent upgrades to what’s on the roster.

Then George Pickens is a gem of a WR and there’s plenty more options… I feel like taking a QB now adds future draft mobility.

Perhaps I’m wrong but Fields or Lance I’d be pretty stoked… for now and the future

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Slater was #8 to Carolina, and Sewell #9 to Broncos on his mock.

Pitts was #5, and Chase was #6.

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Yeah, sorry for the homework, given the opaqueness of the OP I thought it must be a paywall article or something. I realized it wasn’t.

I think a better question is why would you?

The Lions already have a QB who is, at his worst, pretty good. He’s also shown that he’s Super Bowl good.

What are the odds that any rookie is going to be better than that in the next handful of years, let alone ever? I’d say not very good.

Plus, there are many, many positions on the team with an utter dearth of talent. Why take a second quarterback when we don’t have a first receiver, linebacker, etc.? Fields won’t be BPA at #7.


Wouldn’t really like it with Sewell staring you in the face.


As much as I love Fields, my list is this…

  1. Lawrence
  2. Sewell
  3. Fields

I’d take Sewell also

I was just thinking about how crazy it would be if Fields ended up as the QB #5 in this draft.

Fields could have possibly been the #1 QB off the board in the previous 8 drafts!

Not saying he definitely would have been selected highest… but the case could be made for it.

2020- Burrow was a 1 year phenom, some not thrilled he that he doesn’t have a huge arm.
2019- Kyler had height concerns and 1 year starter.
2018- Baker. see Kyler.
2017- Trubisky. nuff said.
2016- Goff. People questioned Air Raid then. Fields is more athletic.
2015- Winston. Maturity concerns. Turnovers.
2014- Bortles. Yikes.
2013- EJ Manuel. :face_vomiting:

As @Air2theThrown stated… this could be a legendary QB class… or there could be some flops. Nothing is a sure thing… but the physical talents are there big time.

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IF they believe a QB is a future star, then not only should they take him, they almost have to.

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If they like him that much, I’m good with it.

If not, Sewell or Smith.

Deshaun Watson was the 3rd QB taken. Lamar Jackson was the 5th QB taken. Dak Prescott was the 8th QB taken. Russell Wilson was the 5th QB taken.

I know if feels like were reaching, but history tells a more complicated story.

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