DJ Shark expected to swim more this week

That and special teams play


I keep expecting to see him be activated from the PS, especially with Craig Reynolds on IR, but we haven’t seen him yet, I think that might be very telling. Swift is banged up, Reynolds is out and still not activating him.

They decided to activate a FB in Cabinda over a 4th RB.


I’m not entirely sure Chark is a real person. Like, I can actually remember him on the field for a total of about 12 minutes this year. Maybe they just keep trading out guys that have a similar-ish body type…

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Maaaan, Raymond is GOLD back there. The 41-yd return was sweet, but I also SOOO appreciate how solid he always is on those fair catches. I don’t remember even a bobble from him.

That was a BIG-time 1-yd catch, tho. I am decidedly not a Chark fan, but, maaaaan, that catch was sweet and on-time!