Do we really Have to sign a FA CB?

Yeah now that I’m thinking about it these corners are hitting the ground running and the ones who don’t just aren’t that good

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CB one of the easier positions to play right away.

I would say yes. Get a veteran corner in here.


The Falcons CB (A.J terrell,) was solid his first year, and then leaped massively next year

I do think CBs if they good/okay their first year will get better, but yeah more and more CBs are hitting the ground running 1st year now

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This defense absolutely needs an injection of talent. The rookies will help long term, but I hope they go get a piece or two in FA or trade market.

I wonder if they’ll do at CB what they did at WR with Chark last year. Add in a prove it deal vet to push while the pups develop

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That is exactly what I was thinking that they would do. If they decide to add a vet I think that he at best would be a place holder while they get the younger players up to speed.

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That’s a 5th round pick that every team passed on at least once.

How many corners other than Sauce were taken before him that had really good rookie seasons?

His teammate Cobi Bryant was solid and so was DaRon Bland

Here is a partial season grade from November where PFF had 5 rookies in their top 25.

Surtain and Sauce were the two starters on the PFWA all pro team. They were both great as rookies. Horn was great before he got hurt. Lattimore, Ward, Stingley was following #1 receivers already. Tre White. Woolen is an outlier but was great too (and many on here liked him).

It makes sense that it’s happening more often for the same reason it makes sense that WRs are hitting the ground running more often… they’re all seeing so many more reps. Going all the way back to 7 on 7. And a lot of them are really high-level reps.