Do you really think we will draft Hutch?

I know WE would, but I’m not sure our GM would.

Depends on whether they see him as the next Bosa brother/TJ Watt-type or whether they think Thibodeaux is the next DeMarcus Ware.

Thibodeaux seems more suited to the OLB position in the 3-4 defense they’re currently running while Hutch seems more like a classic 4-3 defensive end.

Lions will mess this up, that’s just what they do. Hutch is a slam dunk. The guy actually wants to play in Detroit. This guy can excel in any defense, I hope they ain’t that stupid.


Yes. If we have 1 overall, I think Holmes will take him.

Based off of last year’s draft, do you guys think he has a west coast biased thought process? One of my biggest fears, landing us Thibs bcuz of this


Joey Bosa played in a 3-4 and it wasn’t a big deal at all. We just need the coaches to stop trying to be cute.


I think Joey Bosa, who played in a 4-3 defense at Ohio Stste, would agree with you:


I sure hope they do just take him( Hutch) an play him with Romeo an his brother an sign C Harris. Thats nice set of 4 heading into camp with others working for a spot.


The Lions will do whatever they will do…which is why I don’t get too caught up in the debate of who and what… :man_shrugging:

Not much we can do if he goes before our pick…

There’s still some football and a combine to see before the draft.

I also expect Hutch to interview exceptionally well. Kid wants to be a Lion

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Hutch seems to be standing up a lot in Michigan’s defense. I think he’ll be fine.

KT is more of a Harold Landry with a little more size/length. I think.

Seems like were in a good spot with either one.

KT seems like Michael Johnson to me in terms of motivation and desire. Maybe it’s not fair, but he strikes me as the type that is only going to show up big in his contract year.


he will show up a lot on the injured reserved too


I think he has played almost exclusively standing up this year. Even saw him 15 yards downfield in coverage on Saturday.


A lot of mock drafts have us taking Thibodeaux instead of Hutch for the exact reason Freebird said—3-4 vs 4-3 scheme. Is Hutch good enough that you change your approach/scheme?. Plus the 3-4 scheme ain’t exactly kicking arse for us in getting to the QB right now.

They both fit because they both can be OLBs in a 3-4. If you were strictly a 4-3 team, you might prefer Hutch. Being what we are, we can easily make hay with either one of them.

I don’t think Holmes will have him over Thibodeaux.

I think Dorsey will be pretty down the middle. He might prefer Hutch.

But Dan Campbell and Chris Speilman are going go fall in love with Hutchinson.

That’s why we’re taking Hutchinson.


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Honestly I would switch to a 4-3 quickly. The last time we had a strong defense was with the 4-3. Can you imagine a dline of Hutch, Levi, McNeil, and ROK.