Do you think Goff is the long term answer?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m still torn, but have been losing faith. He looked improved today, for sure. I’m rooting for this cat, as I view him as the single most important X-factor of this rebuild. If he works out, we can build the rest of the team very quickly, IMO.

If he doesn’t, my biggest fear is decades of QB purgatory.


I have to vote No now, but I also respect the situation he’s in… I don’t know you put haholmes or Brady on this team we are any different… not saying our WRs are trash, but, they are all new and young and have no development time


Judging a QB with the worst recievers in the NFL and a line that can’t do anything but run block isn’t fair.


I think he could be, but I don’t think what’s left of his confidence can handle what’s to come. I think the losing will end up being to much. Hope I’m wrong.


I never really got the impression he was mentally tough

But now I think he has PTSD


LOL, if not he might by the end of the yr

He’s not the worst by any means but the simple fact is that QB is the fastest path to success. And I hate to say it but the best shortcut is the Mike Vick or Lamar Jackson type of QB. They’re not the best for a team that has everything, but if you have very little, yeah they can mask a bad o-line, bad receivers, all kinds of things.


what’s ‘long term’?

I definitely get this take. I’m hoping we can eventually land a dude like Allen from Buffalo. Love what he does, and how he does it. The way they use him in the offense is a little “loose”, and I can hope he stays healthy. He’s a natural tough guy, smart, athletic, leader, great arm, etc.


Does it matter?

He isn’t even the short term answer


Just don’t know. He shows flashes. The offense appears designed to churn the clock. When working, it looks boring, but very effective.

The drive with the game sealing pick was what, 9 minutes or something? That’s a fantastic drive if they finish it off.

But the problem is, the issues show up and they don’t finish these type drives off.

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I think he’s a good stopgap for now at least. He could be a good long term starter if there were more talent. What I don’t rant the Lions to do though is use too draft capital on a QB in the next year or two



I’ve been saying this in here for a couple years…. Tom Brady has literally won more than 1/3 of the past 20 Super Bowls.

Brady x 7
P Manning x 2

Big Ben x 2
Eli x 2

R Wilson

B Johnson
N Foles

Winning a SB is hard. Cabs are fickle as hell. The fact that Atlanta was rumored to be in on drafting a QB is insane. 35 year old QB with a love arm, and a handful of playoff wins and pro bowls to go with an MVP and nearly a ring.

Justin Fields has a rating of 61.0!!! He is sub 60% completions and has 2 tds, 6 I td and some fumbles.

Zach Wilson has a 62 rating with 4 tds and 9 ints and just over 200 yards a game.

I don’t think drafting a QB any time soon fixes anything. Not unless we draw the top pick in a Lawrence, Manning, Burrow type situation.

Everyone in here talks about dual threat QBs yet only Mahomes and Russ have rings in the last 21 years.

A game manager with a defense like Eli or Big Ben is more likely to get you there.

We have the resources to sign 1 good WR, draft one, and go crazy on D in the draft for 2 years. Goff can play in a SB with a supporting cast.


No QB could win with what we have on offense. I don’t think Goff is horrible, but he isn’t the next Brady, Mahones, Rodgers etc… But surround him with a team like the Rams have, he can win you a playoff game. Maybe even take you to the SuperBowl.

With all the holes we have, not sure I want to spend a lot of draft capital on a new QB. Definitely not in this draft from the QB scouting I have done so far.

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Most judged Stafford for years and never took that into consideration.


Most fans are clueless. The WR core the Lions have would/t have any starters on any other team yet people want to get rid of the QB trying to throw to those players. Makes zero sense.


Well he has one of the best TE in football yet he misses him too. Once again the WRs are not good but when they get open Goff still misses them to often and it’s not the WR when he throws to the wrong read. And you know alot of this is on Goff because the coach that loves his players has called him out in public twice. And I’m pretty sure he knows how bad our WRs are and I’m pretty sure he knows when a WR runs the wrong route and the QB misses the Correct read.

Yea, the TE is getting double and triple teamed. That in itself will about stop the Lions pass offense. I’m not at all sold on Goff and thought at the time he was all pro, I thought no way while Stafford sat at home. But, with this WR group we have you can’t fairly judge his game. Only a novice that is clueless to all the facts could jump to the conclusion this is a Goff issue

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He not the only issue or even the biggest issue , but he has his own issues or the coaches wouldn’t be blaming him for his part. It’s not the WRs fault when the ball comes out looking like a duck. I haven’t seen this many wobbly pass sense Jeff Garcia.

1st the coach is not blaming him, do you work for CNN?

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