Does Dan Campbell remind you of Bill cowher

You remember lions wanted bill cowher . In the sideline both faces have similiar expressions . Both dont really need headsets, more of a motivater than play caller . I think dc is an younger version of bc


Haven’t seen you around much @espnbaby. Are you jumping back on the wagon?
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I remember Cower demanding audience with the refs for every marginal call. Campbell seems to be falling in line with every Lions coach who endured getting the ref circus with nary an objection

If you mean Bill Cowher, then I see some of that, yes.


I was thinking more along the lines of Sir William Wallace. If Dan showed up in a kilt with bagpipes that’s about the only way I could see him becoming more awesome.

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Oh yes :smiley:

More like the NFC version of Mike Vrabel.

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1994 Pittsburgh Steelers (Wiki Link )

Bill Cowher – Dan Campbell

Dom Capers – Aaron Glenn

Dick Lebau – Aubrey Pleasant

Marvin Lewis – ???

Dermonte Dawson – Frank Ragnow

Kevin Greene – Aiden Hutchinson

Greg Lloyd – Okwara/Harris (a little stretch)

1rst Rd pick WR Charles Johnson (17th) – Jameson Williams

Bam Morris/Barry Foster – Swift and Jamaal Williams

All we are missing is Okudah turning into Rod Woodson (I heard those chuckles…)

Are we building the 94 Pittsburgh Steelers?

What are your Doppelganger teams of the past that fit what we are building today?

I’m right there with ya @espnbaby

I made a similar reference back in August.

Man, I was waaaayy off on that Lebau/Pleasant comparison!!!

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I said that the day he was hired

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