Does Matthew Stafford make it in the Hall of Fame if he doesn't win a Superbowl?

I was listening to “X’s and Bro’s” on the radio this morning and they were talking about this. I thought it was an interesting debate. What do you guys think?..yes or no?

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I’m wondering how long it takes him to get in if he gets THREE of those MF’rz
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Translation…He’s already in.
Top 3 arm talent of his time.
Top 5 handsomeness of his time.
Tons of records, including most children in the shortest amount of time (with one woman…don’t wanna leave you out, Antonio Cromartai!)

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Why would Marino get in and not Stafford?

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I asked this question in a thread a few weeks ago.

I think making a SB will be enough to get him in.

Winning it and he’s guaranteed.



Also, yes.

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I think a SB win in LA gets him in 1st ballot. May take a little longer if not.

Because Marino had 48 TDs when the next highest guy in the league had 32?

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Stafford as it sits currently (He’s just turning 34)

#12 in Passing Yards
#12 in Passing TDs

2 more years of LA Rams 4000 Yards, 40 TDs Matthew Stafford and he’s top 10 in both. He’s 100% in the HOF.

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The counter-argument was, Do you think that Phillip Rivers is a Hall of Famer?
Rivers never played in a Superbowl, only made it to the Championship game. He has over 63,000 career passing yards with a 64.9% completion rate, 421 TD’s to 209 interceptions, 5.2 TD % rate. Stafford is just-shy of 50k passing yards at 63% completion rate. 323 TD’s to 161 interceptions, 4.7% TD rate.

Also, is Matt Ryan a Hall of Famer?
He started one year before Matt but has almost 10k more passing yards and 44 more TD’s.

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Here’s the all-time passing yard leaders.
Who has made it to the Hall of Fame and who will yet?

Passing Yardage Leaders
1 Tom Brady 84,520
2 Drew Brees 80,358
3 Peyton Manning 71,940
4 Brett Favre 71,838
5 Ben Roethlisberger 64,088
6 Philip Rivers 63,440
7 Dan Marino 61,361
8 MATT RYAN 59,735
9 Eli Manning 57,023
11 John Elway 51,475
13 Warren Moon 49,325
14 Fran Tarkenton 47,003
15 Carson Palmer 46,247
16 Vinny Testaverde 46,233
17 Drew Bledsoe 44,611
18 Dan Fouts 43,040
19 JOE FLACCO 41,269
20 Kerry Collins 40,922

Sweet! Stafford passes Rodgers in passing yards AND # of SB victories soon!
Good for him.

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So Ryan and Rivers get in too?

Why, Stafford set all the records to 40k, beating them already. He has plenty of time to blow by them, career wise. He also has 1 and 2 all time WRs, he has a 5000 yd season, and played on inferior teams with inferior coaching. Yr 1 out of the career killer Detroit he’s in the SB.

Marino got in, Tarkenton. Detroit wasted a HOF RB, HOF WR, and a HOF QB. Up till now is also the place where HC careers come to die

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This was my first thought too.

Matt Ryan if he plays 2 more years is the #5OA passer in history. 400+ TDs. RoY. MVP.

Is he a hidden by his era HOFer like Trammell?


Rivers is even more Ehhhhhh. To me.

He is top 10 for all these counting stats.

I mean, they are in the same relative positions as Albert Pujols and Mark Messier counting stat wise in their respective leagues…

But I wouldn’t put them in for dang sure first ballot…maybe not at all.

So…Matty is pacing for 60k+ yards and 400+ TDs if he plays 3 years and is then what age Ryan is now. Couple more years and he is 70k and 500 as he hits Roethlisbergers retirement age.

I think no SB at 70k and 500 is impossible to keep out. No SB and 55 to 65 and low 400 TDs? He’s very RyanRivers…


Stafford currently sits on the list sandwiched between two HOF QB’s. So you’d think he’s a lock but….

Both Elway and Moon won multiple MVP awards and multiple pro-bowls.

At first thought I think he gets in but it’s not a slam dunk sure thing.

However if he wins a Super Bowl and can lock down an MVP or two before he retires I think they have to let him in.

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