Does Stafford retire as a Lion or a Ram?

There will no doubt be a massive “I told you so” thread started by the usual suspects if/when Stafford goes into the hall as a Ram. Because, why not… It’s not like I wanted to draft Aaron Donald or anything like that. I don’t believe I’ve ever started a thread crying about him winning a championship in LA. But that’s me…

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I honestly believe that was part of the calculous from the FO with Barry and then CJ. They did not want them to have the option as they were both locks for the HOF when they ended their tenure as Lions.

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Depends how long his Rams career is. If he plays there a decade and wins a lot, he could definitely retire a Ram.

But why do we care anyway? Has what team a guy is on when he retires become a thing that I’m unaware of? If he goes into the HOF that’s one thing, but just general retirement? I don’t get it.


If he plays there for a decade he would eventually be one of the top five oldest QB ever in the NFL. And that includes someone from the 1900’s with the Columbus Panhandles

It’s more likely the Rams make two or three more Super bowl pushes and exercise the out after 2025 when he’s counting 50 million against the cap and the dead money drops to 12

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retires a Ram.

Yes but that number is rising all the time as we improve diet and exercise. He could have a Brees-length career, for sure.


…or third. :wink:

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He will retire as non-binary.



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I don’t believe that’s allowed in California. I guess he’ll retire a Lion then.

Its not like baseball, you get a bust with no helmet and a Gold Jacket.

That said he will probably wear a split Lions/Rams baseball cap while he is there on his inauguration day milling around or for photo shoots but not on stage

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Maybe Brady can bring him to his vampire lair and they can rejuvenate on sacrificial blood together

Where is the “lick my log cutter” icon when you need it?

True, but you do have the option of choosing multiple teams. He can pick both if he wants.

Rams all day! Stafford probably doesn’t even like the Lions. He’s just being polite.

Cause it’s June…

Stafford’s real Lions commercial…


You can take your old phone that you’ve had for 12 years, that’s done nothing but let you down at every turn and hated every minute of it, but had to use it because you were contractually obligated and trade it in for a brand new phone that gives you immediate success and enjoyment?


Real talk!

Stafford retiring a Lion is like going back to a abusive cheating ex. Staffords in a better place now. No reason to revisit hell on earth.

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