Don't get me wrong, satisfied with PS....yet outside WR, I wasn't concerned about the offense

we made a solid choice for our O-line, I thought sure we’d fudge up, happy to be wrong,but wanted to add a cornerstone piece to our defense . Dallas got one of those and stole my most-wanted prospect.

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It was the right pick to make! There was no defensive player even close to the talent PS is in this particular draft!

An elite DE prospect would of been hard to pass on if there was one this year…Parsons, Surtain or Horn simply aren’t on PS level

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ok, but it’s our defense that’s the worst, and we can do worse than picking Parsons, and yeah I know it was the right/safe pick , doesn’t mean I didn’t like 5 other guys to besides Sewell in this draft.

In my opinion WR are not building blocks, a rebuilding team should value every position higher than WR and RB, you get these positions once you are already good. The good thing about that is WR and RB can be easily found in the later rounds

they are when WR became key loss for our offense when we lost not one but two top receivers and it left a hole that hasn’t been addressed ‘yet’ , keep in mind we just got Goff and if we want him to have a shot at success here…we have to land notable playmakers at WR . and give the defense an identity .

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I know Spielman had made the comment about building from the outside in with today’s NFL but I get the feeling Campbell and Holmes want to build from the trenches out.

I kinda expect them to draft an IOL at some point and I think we could go DL in round two. Barmore maybe?

I dont know if we’re following any plan, inside-outside, front to back, back to front, etc. I think we just grabbed the best player available, there’s no question marks with PS, none. How awesome is that?!?!?


We don’t want to be ok next year. If Goff is good Lions win 6 Games if Goff is bad Lions we at most 4 games. If Goff is good we draft 2 high end defensive players in the 1st round like DE/DT. If Goff is bad we use or top 3OA pick to take a QB we use our other pick on DE. Then after we have a core you can start to look at positions like WR or RB. These positions usually have short term productivity so why draft them when you still have 3 years of building left to do

You can’t understate how much an offense that has a dominant run game that can control the clock can help out a defense. Probably more than any single defensive player could help this Lions defense by themselves.


The Lions are so far from competing and need help damn near everywhere. PS filled one. Ask me again after today’s selections.

We really need to have a better moniker other than “PS”. How about "Sewww… ". Not to be confused with “Suhhh…” .

Penei Sewell translation to english is Swollen Penis

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Extremely important point right there! Controlling the clock and tempo of the game with long drives through a strong running game is a defenses best friend for sure. Nothing beats having the defense resting on the sidelines preparing for the next series.

lol amazing. Imagine Swollen Penis vs Penisini in 1 on 1 drills in training camp!

I don’t think many DL worth early rd two pick maybe the Levi Onwuzurike would be the only one I would be happy with.

well allrightythen *

Barmore would be my top choice.

I hear ya Cub, Micah was a favorite player of mine in this draft also.

But there is a lesson from this draft that we can all learn from.

You can’t always leave the dance with the prettiest girl. Sometimes you leave with the “Big ugly”, and realize it was what you’ve needed all along.


Our nonexistent run game was definitely a major area of concern. Nothing wrong with focusing on the strength of the offense and adding to it. Definitely would love to see us come back with either Moore in round 2 though.

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Nicely done Coyote12!