Down to earth expectations after lastnight

I mean hey, no time like the present! It is wild times!

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I really like Josh reynolds, ever since he signed he has been a solid and consistent guy. He definitely helped Goff start to settle in. I just think he’s kind of an underrated guy a lot of fans tend to overlook or want to improve on. In a perfect scenario I do think he’d be our 4 or 5 receiver, but the dude can definitely be a solid #3 if needed


I think Josh is a decent #3 and a pretty good #4. But he is not a #2 thats what we lack. Josh is fine and even steps up at times.


For sure, I agree. Ideally, I’m hoping by the end of the year our top 5 WR are (barring a trade)


I know I’m leaving off Marvin but, I would love for Antoine green to be able to step up and play a role for us this year. Remember ARSB took a half a season to get rolling too!


You could but that’s not easy to do when most of your WR Corp is small. Keep in mind we tried that the first part of the 2022 season with little fanfare.

We really need a bigger more physical presence if we want to consistently win across the board.

I’m hoping MJ can help us there and Jamo can be the icing on the cake but last season we really struggled with our offense until Chark got healthy and suddenly we started firing on all cylinders. Having a guy who can consistently win outside is important to having a healthy scheme.

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I like Josh. I was pounding the table for us to get him in FA last year. Solid addition to the team… He’s a solid depth guy but he’s not a guy who consistently wins his matchups.


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I don’t recall that pounding but as we get older we tend to forget more or think we did LOL :grinning:

Then you weren’t paying attention… there was a ton of conversation about it. I mean a megaton in a lot of threads because WR was a hot topic. Me and @wesleysh21 were the biggest for signing Josh and we had many debates with @Phunnypharm about it who was the strongest against bringing him in.

You can do a search and verify if you want. Here’s a couple that show proof.

That really isn’t what I argued against……

I was thrilled to get Reynolds after the Titans released him…
I just didn’t want them to spend the :moneybag: that people were throwing out during the UFA period.

Most of the discussion I had about Reynolds is that he is NOT a deep threat. This remains to be true. He has NEVER caught a pass for more than 40 yards. He is a quality WR working intermediate level routes… mostly in the middle of the field.

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As I mentioned about a month ago, I think Julian Love was a huge loss. He was the matchup guy that allowed Wink to blitz like a bat out of Hades and still have competent coverage. I don’t think they currently have a safety that can cover like a corner.

Starting two rookie corners doesn’t help. Both are big and fast though. They should be much better soon.

Though Sunday was really all about an inability to pass protect and the mistakes (most of which were tied to one another).

Intermediate routes working today

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