Draft Poll - If You were GM who you got!?

Haha we know Natty! I was just clarifying for the other poster who asked why Hutch wasn’t in the vote.

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Willis is this year’s J-Will/J-Jeudy. LOL. Probably means Denver takes him!


I played that PFF mock simulator for the first time and I think every single QB in this draft was available at 32. I’m like WTF. I was tempted to take Matt Corral but decided against it. Goff is the guy for now.

Goff did take his team to superbowl. With less talent then Stafford did. Unfortunately he ran into a great defense with NE

…that’s why I put the comment in there about how Goff got to the SB
→ with one of the worst calls in NFL history, given the time and importance of the game. Saints should have played in that SB. Not Goff’s fault, but also a very, very true fact.

…also…if there’s a call like this in a Lions game, it’s going against us, not for us.


That was some BS. And i did nt watch a single second of the SB because of it


Also, Goff got hammered in the SB, and Stafford won.
Jared Goff has a passer rating of 57.9 with 229 yards and 1 interception in 1 game in Super Bowls in his career.

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Hamilton should have skipped the game against the Dolphins and Tyreke Hill……

1st… Hamilton has no speed to get deep enough on Tyreke’s 48 yard TD…

then… Marcus Williams rips him for missing his assignment on the 60 yard Hill score…

rough start rookie…