Draft Poll: ***Official Draft Day thread ***

  • D. Brown
  • J. Okudah
  • J. Simmons
  • C. Young
  • T. Tagovailoa
  • J. Wills
  • T. Wirfs
  • CJ. Henderson
  • J. Kinlaw
  • C. Lamb
  • H. Ruggs
  • J. Jeudy
  • J. Herbert
  • Other (Put name in a reply)

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Let’s jist make this the official draft day thread with a poll at the top!

The annual Lions Mock Draft Contest is located here. Get your best guess in ASAP!

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This is who I think they’ll draft, not hope that they draft. Still praying for a trade down.

Cross our fingers for Chase Young or a trade down. Its gotta happen. We NEED a RB in round 2. I feel like the corner class is kinda deep. If we trade down, I hope we can get a CB by atleast round 2 as well.

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I’m thinking 60% they take Okudah, 10% they take Young because Washington loses their minds and doesn’t take him, and the rest is a mix of Simmons, Brown, or Wirfs. Either taking Okudah at #3 or trading down a few spots to take him at #5 or #6 is what I think will happen.

I want a RB early but I think the top two go round one and the Lions hold off until round 3 or later for one. Just a feeling.

Isaiah Simmons.

This has got to be the hardest draft to predict the Lions pick in my memory.

All 3 of, Okudah, Brown, and Simmons, makes sense and I could see Quinn going with any of them.

Of course if Young drops then it all becomes much easier. He would be the clear choice and I don’t think Quinn would pass on him.

With all that being said, I’ll predict Quinn goes with Okudah (assuming Young is gone and we don’t trade down).

FYI - J. Simmons is I. Simmons it wouldn’t let me change it once I saved it.

Sorry . I THOUGHT it was yet wasn’t “sure” atm if there was another draft prospect sharing the name…PS, I know there isn’t -now-.

sharing the name of 'Simmons ’

This WILL be the best draft ever! In terms of nobody, outside of Burrow, knows who’s going where. Betting we see more movement than in past years and the depth is very deep.

You’d have to be a complete moron not to improve your team.

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Woooo! Where’s the virtual draft party so I can get wasted on virtual drinks?!!

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I miss the Saturday-Sunday two day drafts.


I thought about setting up a Telegram chat channel for the draft but didn’t want to steer posts and activity away from the board.

Thanks for setting this up! 5.5 hours.

The pick will be Brown. Hopefully via trade down. My other prediction is that Quinn will make some sort of trade with Belichick. Maybe not tonight, but at some point.

The Lions have the worst DT group in the NFL.


I’m getting a weird gut feeling that CY will be available at 3… Let’s hope!

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I just hope the Lions go young with most of their picks. Notice young wasn’t capitalized. With the decent chance that we don’t see football until 2021, no need to spend a pick on a 23 year old that won’t see the field until he is 25.

Lets be honest, the Lions have a big weakness at CB, LB and DT so Okudah, Simmons and Brown would all fill big needs and the biggest need is arguably guard which will have to be filled later.

This is why I think it’s imperative for Quinn to trade back for an extra pick or two. Just too many needs and not enough high picks to fill them.

I have seen the Thuney rumour floating around for awhile now. It wouldn’t surprise me if Quinn does something very stupid. Belichick has 3 3rds and 2 4ths and 4 6ths. It will probably be 3 for 23, Thuney and a bunch of garbage. Thuney becomes leagues highest paid guard.