Drafting A Running Back Early Poster Child: Ezekiel Elliott

Emmitt… or Erik Williams, Larry Allen, Stepnoski, Gogan and Tuinei???

I mean…. Barry would have run for 2000+ yards every year behind that O line… and there was no salary cap at that time…

so…… :green_apple: to :tangerine:

None of those guys were 1st round picks. So now we have a case against taking offensive lineman in the 1st round!!!

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no… we have a case of the early 1990s roster construction not being relevant any longer…. :wink:

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Ok fine how about a apple to apple comparison.

The greatest show on turf was built around Marshal Faulk. He was the lynchpin that made the entire offense work.

You can listen to Vermeil, Holt, Bruce everyone will tell you the same thing.

Though in Dallas, it was the same thing, Emmitt was the key that made it work.

Those are the type of offense we’re building. We’re not building a pass happy college offense. We need that key cog.

McBride or the like are not that guy

The obsession with 1st round RB’s sure is a serious addiction it appears.

Take baby steps, I believe you guys can overcome this!

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Which helped the team that drafted him in the 1st round how? Same with Lynch and Fournette, they won championships, but not for the team that drafted them.

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I think cost of acquisition should always be taken in to consideration. Faulk was drafted in the 1st round but the Rams acquired him for less.

LOL, ok, I suppose if you want to pay big in fagency or give draft capital and pay a 2nd contract to attain one that’s one way.

The idea of saving cap room and recouping draft capital every 3 or 4 yrs is what id prefer

The reason Faulk was available, was Indy drafted Edge, they still valued RB highly even with Peyton

Faulk was acquired with a 2nd round pick.
Torry Holt was the #6 OA pick.
Bruce was #33 OA.
Orlando Pace… #1 OA.

How many Super Bowls did Edge win?

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Faulk was a 1st rd pick that became available because indy was drafting another 1sr rd rb in Edge.

As to the rest, yep players are drafted at other positions like Jamo at 12

How many did CJ win, or Marino, Joe Thomas?

They had a different 1st round RB on the Super Bowl team.

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and much like CEH……

it was a different RB… and UDFA…. who led the Colts in rushing yards for the Super Bowl.

Even when good teams mess up and draft a RB at the end of round 1…. with a hall of fame QB on the roster… it’s like karma comes thru…. and makes sure a 1st round draft pick isn’t the RB that propels that team to a Super Bowl win… :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth::face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


Helaire was the the last pick in the first round by the Chiefs, is he really the example?


the example of why NOT to pick a RB in the 1st round!!!

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the Chiefs had to sign rental WRs last year…


Teams win the Super Bowl with those kind of guys, so imagine how much better they would have been with a good one! Unless you are making the case that good runningbacks make a team worse.

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I can’t help thinking about how many MORE Super Bowls Peyton Manning would have won as a Colt if Polian wasn’t drafting 3 RBs in the 1st round in just over a decade….

Here was Peyton’s first Super Bowl run. It looks to me like his team played pretty well to overcome some of these performances.