Eagles D-line Game 1

So I think this is going to be the most important battle first game of the season especially if both sides are healthy to begin the season. They’re loaded d-line vs. our “potentially” above average O-line. What are your guys thoughts on that matchup? I’m kind of nervous tbh.

What are your thoughts on that matchup?

I think the matchup on both lines will be key. Their excellent offensive line versus our hopefully improved defense line.


I think it’s our D-line, front 7 vs their O-line/rushing attack. QB included, since he runs a lot. The Eagles had the most rushing yards in the NFL last season and the Lions couldn’t stop the run at all. That’s how they demolished us last year by 40 points. That’s the key to the game to me.

Last years game rushing yards…

Lions 57
Eagles 236

Score - Eagles 44- Pussycats 6

Now we didn’t have Ragnow or Decker, so that really hurt us with running the ball.


I agree with both of you. Both sides of the line of scrimmage make me nervous.

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Here’s my pledge. If we get blown out and look like shit I won’t get mad and be a dick to everyone here. I got a bit feisty after the Bengals loss. Too many High Lifes


I think we have a few initial advantages in this opener:

  • is a home game and the stadium will be pumped!
  • updated scheme with new OC and no film on it
  • oline will not give up six sacks as it did last year
  • Philly will to some extent come in recalling the easy win and not be fully focused as they could be imho.
  • we have Hutch…

Hahaha been there!! I used to get really fired up too, now I just turn the games off and make fun of them.


No ragnow, no decker and a receiver room full of practice squad guys and st brown who was still figuring out the nfl.


Me personally, I’m looking forward to the matchup of ragnow and big v vs Davis. We’ll find out real quick if our oline is as powerful in the run game as we hope. If they can move the eagles defensive line off the ball we can run against anyone. I really want to watch big v and Davis head to head. Say what you want about big v but he’s a brute. Not someone easily pushed around.


If I’m Dan Campbell on the lions first offensive play I’m going two tight ends and throwing it deep to chark on a play action bootleg.

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That should help the offense for sure and I’m expecting a much better game vs the Eagles for the offense. My concern is the defense, can we stop their top rushing attack? I’m not confident about it. If we do, it’s because some linebackers have really stepped up and Levi and Alim have taken huge steps forward at DT.


I’m not overly concerned. It’s a question mark for sure but going to a 4 man line will help. I’m not worried about McNeil. Brockers can still play the run well. I’m more concerned about our edges holding up. I wish Romeo was healthy.


I still think we should sign Suh. Let’s bring him back to the D and level up the dline


No chance this inst’ a double team situation. We Ragnow’s gonna get his ass kicked, if not. Davis is just too big, man.
I want us to go no huddle and keep their personnel on the field and tire them out.

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Remember what Ragnow did to Akiem Hicks 2 years ago!? Hicks is 6’4 - 340 and has been a pro bowler.


Hutch vs Jordan Mailata is going to be great matchup in his 1st game of his career. Mailata was of the best left tackles in football last year.


I forget we have Hutch, sometimes. Not sure why he doesn’t have my attention more.

If he can be great, that’s a biiiiig deal.


The eagles are extremely weak up the middle of their defense in the back 7. That is where you attack. St Brown, Hockenson and Swift should be critical in the passing attack.

Their passing game with AJ Brown can be a game changer for them. I would play very aggressive on defense. Run blitz them on most downs that aren’t obvious pass downs. Even on pass downs I would blitz. Hurts is not that great when facing pressure. Force Hurts to make quick decisions. You get one or two INTs and that can be the difference in the game.

I do agree though that they aren’t a great matchup for us.

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I forgot they traded for him. So, they got Devonta Smith and Brown at WR combined with the best rushing offense in the NFL last year, shit they could be good if Jalen Hurts improves as a thrower.

Jack Fox can be the answer too.
Put that handsome MF’r in on offense when the other team doesn’t know he’s out there. NO film on it. He would destroy them.