**Eagles vs Cowboys MNF Thread**

In a scheduling quirk the Cowboys will be playing their next opponent on a short week coming off of MNF. The other team (Panthers) will come off of extended rest (played Thursday). I think we are all okay with that.

During the draft process I said the player that will hurt my heart the most to see do well in a primetime game…it was Devante Smith. I know its silly to spend a pick that high on WR so I was okay going in a different direction. But man if he blows up tonight I’m going to be in a weird happy while being sad state of mind.

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I need a herculean effort by Dax and Ceedee to pull off a win on my fantasy team. Besides that its hard to care about the NFL after yesterdays nightmare.

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Lions didn’t even get C’mon Man!

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So Stafford is the first guest on the Manning telecast.

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I am still shocked that such a goofy-goobery-gomer like Eli has won TWO SB’s. I dont dislike the guy, but watching him and his demeanor is like what the actual f**k?! I get why Peyton was a winner by watching/listening to him…but Eli, just wow, he was a leader of men that won championships. Amazing.


Boy if the Cowboys stay healthy that offense is stacked!!!

Lol, the Mannings are geat…I cant watch the regular broadcast anymore.


“Hips don’t lie”… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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What??? C’mon maannnn…

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"Medium skinny boy jeans":laughing:

Bull shit PI on Slay.

It stands!

Now here comes something I find odd. The ball was turned over at the inch line. Bu the refs tend to spot the ball out away from the goalline.

EDIT: Oops, I guess not when the Cowboys are playing. :rofl:

It feels like a touchdown.

You either have a clear view that changes the result of the play or you don’t. Feelings don’t count.

Seeing the ball on his back hip from 1 side… and then seeing his body never get in endzone from the other side… I think he was short… assuming they did call his forward progress stopped before he finally reached forward… as it appeared on replay.

When I decided he didn’t get in is when I looked and saw a star on his helmet. That’s pretty much all it takes to make my judgement call. :joy:


Hmm guess we’re not calling PI on Dallas. Slay did basically the same thing and gets called for it. For what it’s worth I didn’t think PI should have been called on either play but needs to be called consistently.

Prescott has turned into a better QB than I ever thought he would, for sure.

I was wrong on that one.

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They stopped calling that stuff on Dallas years ago. Serious, I’m not even joking. Its embarassing to watch sometimes. Another thing is they can get away with some ridiculously wicked hits that are illegal in today’s game. But with Dallas the refs just look the other way. Its damn near dangerous the way they call Dallas games sometimes.

Also… the irony.
It was Jayron Kearse.

If he does that last year… wearing a Lions uniform… he is getting hit with a golden shower of penalty flags!

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