Elon Musk continues to fall short on previous hype

Elon Musk first hyped the “cybertruck” as having bulletproof windows… which ultimately proved unable to handle the hype…


Musk also teased a starting price of around $40,000…
which also proved to be an empty promise….



and now…… with the price soaring…
the estimates on production are shrinking as well.



Sure seems like he has made a lot of money off overhyping his company… which is a violation of SEC rules… :man_shrugging:

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I really can’t wait to put one of his chips in my brain, I’m sure that’ll go really smoothly… lol

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Also…. just to be clear….

he has profited enormously from pumping his own company with these false claims…. considering that the hype and “deposits” on the cybertruck were certainly a part of the inflated stock price of Tesla that enabled him to cash out such enormous profits…


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Backstory on the window…they tested it w that metal ball before the unveiling, worked, but didnt realize it weakened it to the point of non function.

So, if you are afraid of a giant metal ball hitting your window twice, Fear Is Justified.

there are 2 separate windows broken in the picture…

did they test both of them beforehand???

I think Elon just hit them with his giant testicles before hand …


Also, I was promised flying cars by Hanna Barbara since 1975! Lets go get all up in their shit w lawyers!

Where’s my sassy robotic maid while yer at it!


I probably wouldn’t despise Tesla so much if the company had truly made it on it’s own…. but the fact that government tax credits pretty much kept it afloat…. and then later made Musk a ridiculous amount of money…. even while he committed obvious SEC violations on a par with pump and dump con artists…. really make me despise him.

The rate that legacy car companies are launching all EV vehicles of differing sizes makes me think Tesla won’t have much of a EV lead soon… and I think that stock price is going to plummet back to reality in the next few years.

Possible. Its never been a P/E story.

Nor has just about any tech stock.

Wouldnt hold my breath though…its weird. Tesla has absolutely savaged a wide swath of shorts…wiped em out.

But theres still plenty of em.

that’s certainly true… but Tesla is a car company.

And… it’s cars aren’t really too superior to the competition… despite committing all its resources into one model…. and it faces a huge challenge of competition that has far more engineering power… and far nuttier and loyal customers!!!

Musk is a modern day Howard Hughes. Just more imaginative


Here ya go! She will protect you from anything! :flushed:


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The problem isn’t that those who shorted Tesla were wrong about it being overvalued. The problem for short investors is that they also have to guess when the broader market will recognize that the company is overvalued.

there was a professional programmer that had said, and I’m paraphrashing

I didn’t know much about cars but elon seemed to so he thought he was a genius.
I don’t know much about spaceflight but elon seemed to so he thought he was a genius.
I am a very knowledgeable programmer and what he says about twitter makes him look like an idiot and he wonders then about the cars and the rockets.

I’m not sure how much of elon we’d hear about if not for his familys apartheid era emerald mine. But it does show that generational wealth can create more wealth, as those born in wealth don’t have to do the same things ‘normal’ people do. Elon never had to worry about anything growing up and as an adult so he could pursue anything he wanted. the majority of people cannot do that.

but it’s also true that elon who denigrates those on the government dole has really sucked on that government teat until it’s bloody.

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agrred @Sheepish …. Tesla would have gone under long ago without federal money.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Elon Musk. He is a doer. I respect doers. He’s brilliant in many areas and has such an incredible work ethic.

I also have a tremendous amount of disdain for him. I find him to be morally bankrupt in several areas and think he often behaves like a child. I’d expect a lot more from a man in his position. I find his level of awareness and maturity to be on the opposite side of the spectrum of his work ethic.

Interesting dude for sure. I look forward to reading his memoirs or a very good biography about him in a few decades, assuming we’re both fortunate enough to make it that long.


He’s a visionary and he uses the avenues that are available. He’s one of the sanest voices on AI too.
He’s being criticized in some circles for lowering starting prices on some Tesla models.

His Starlink company is changing the world and providing internet access to 3rd world countries.

I generally listen to his ideas and thoughts, and for good reason. He has a strong track record.


You can get a Roomba and stand one of those talking sex robots on top of it. I’ll bet you can have it programmed to talk like an insult comic from the factory.

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MacGyver it! Brilliant!

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