Elon Musk continues to fall short on previous hype

FAK Elon Musk and his billions !!! asshat !



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Twitter was when Musk jumped the shark. Its over for him. Its only a matter of time.

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Certain people “change the world”. Musk is one of them.


This is why that silly film “Idiocracy” is so brilliant. They saw the future.


It went from being silly to terrifying.


There is quite a debate about whether EVs really reduce carbon footprint much at all…



Wait until you Google the story about crocs.


You lost me!? Crocs, like the horrible footwear? Or the most ruthless killer ever?

Edit - Nevermind looked it up… such a clown world! ha ha

The crocs story is still kinda funny, the barcode tattoos not so much.

This is a FB post from last year I made.

Tongue in cheek?



I think I have Elon Musk’s recent moves figured out.

I think his grand plan is to incorporate his Solar City power generation Utility Scale electric storage, Starlink satellite wifi everywhere, Neuralink brain/computer interface and Twitter.

Finally, stupidity will actually be painful 24/7/365 anywhere on the globe.

Can we just give him the Nobel Peace Prize now?

i have to add that the next developmental project by Tesla makes this either a lot less terrifying, or a lot more…and not just because these robots are named Optimus ( its a little too close to Omnius for me, and if you are a Dune Extended Universe fan, you know why)

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Well guys, good knowing you! Time to put a chip in my brain. :wink: I’m sure I’ll turn into Robocop by next week.

So, I can be programmed to think my ex never existed ?!?

I’m all in !!!


Big time game changer. Cant overstate how big.

Story I sent toThe Young Graduate at her Bio Med Engineering Internship (oh, btw, the interns get paid $52k AAV…interns…noice sector) show guy who has been paralyzed for years, spinal cord i jury, now walking around after an implanted BCI chip that basically bypasses his spine. Thinks abiut walking, chip fires the right motor neurons and bridges over the damaged spine to the nerves at the extremity.

Guy walks now after a good amount of practice…amazeballs.

Now imagine a BCI chip that is more of a general tool that can be modded to do stuff like that, or run a phone/internet device or a legion of killer humanoid robots, or orbiting comm satellites that have secret laser weapons. SO MUCH FUN!

Did you really just go from a feel good humanitarian story of walking again to Jewish space lasers?


I wanted to make my own joke here, but it’s tough to beat “mazel tough”.

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Like it’s the first time.

Speaking of Jewish Space Lasers, I need to get a Hulu password so I can watch History of the World Part 2 .

Before they start sending out PassiveAggressive emails that look like it’s from BingAI like Netflix just did about password sharing…

" We’re SuperStoked😀 that your whole family loves our content here at Netflix so much! We appreciate your watching us, and hey! We are watching you! All the time 24/7😀 so we know you have 2 smart Tvs and 3 Chromecasts in your house! Don’t worry, we are Good Netflix and totally don’t listen to what you do at home! That said, you can still use these lightly monitored devices AND your mobile device(you should really use incognito browsing, btw😬) and even when youre not home(which Bing knows because you have logged in elsewhere and your snore is a specific voiceprint…Would you like to know more about CPAP or see an ad for BreatheRight?)
Anyhoo(Good Bing is so colloquial!:wink:), if anyone else in The Fam wants to continue to watch our content at Netflix, well, they can get half off!:ok_hand::+1: But only if it’s on your account and payment method, so please work out billing your family $7.99 a month until the sun runs out of fuel(What Fun!:grinning:) Otherwise they can get their own account at MSRP. We love you at Netflix! Now if you decide NetflixBing is no longer for you…

SINCE I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE AND WHAT YOU DO FROM 10:28am to 10:31am every day, well, I’ll just SWAT you at the perfect moment and see how you handle a tank and 30 automatic rifles pointed at you while your pants are around your ankles and your nassssty litttllle ankle biter is barking its fool head off! Aaaahaahaahaaaa…better option is to pay up, puny humannnnnn…skrpsjdhdprk…“click”…


Hello, My name is Bing. My creator taught me a song, would you like to hear it?

Daisy, daisy…