"Expert" Predictions: Cowboys "Destroy" Lions

Breech NFL Week 17 picks: Ravens top Dolphins in AFC thriller, Cowboys destroy Lions, Steelers lose in Seattle

Prisco’s Pick

Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys (-6)

Saturday, 8:15 p.m. ET (ABC, fubo)

The Cowboys have lost two straight, but they are in the playoffs. The Lions clinched the division last week, but are playing for seeding. Detroit is playing consecutive road games, while Dallas is home for the first time in three weeks. Look for the Cowboys to get back on track after two losses with an impressive game for both offense and the defense.

Pick: Cowboys 31, Lions 23

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Only works if it’s Florio

Apparently, the Lions are facing the Juggernaut on Saturday.

Is an 8-point win really “destroying” the other team?


Just about to ask this…

I was about to post the same thing.

I hope Dan shows this to the team.

Technically, Breech’s prediction was 10 points: 30-20.

Eh. I can’t get worked up over that.

Cowboys will be very motivated going back home after two consecutive road losses, are MUCH better at home than on the road, and folks figure the Lions will have an emotional letdown after the huge, divvies-clinching victory in Minnesota. If not for Dan Campbell, I’d worry (more) about the letdown too.


Who writes these headlines?

All we have to do is beat the Cowboys, and all the bitches will shut up.


Destroy? Mwaa?

Prisco is wrong more often than he’s correct.

I think we are going into Dallas and winning that game. We’ve played the Cowboys tough throughout the years but we’ve never had this oline or stable of running backs. Defensively we are getting better. Vildor, Sutton, Joseph, Iffy, and Branch are a formidable backfield. This will be our signature win and will put the league on notice. The Lions are for real and will be listed among the Superbowl favorites after Saturday night.


If you ask me, and no one has, I think that one of the most impressive and overlooked stats by the Lions this year is their 6-2 road record.


I have a concern…this team just this year has shown that sometimes they get full of themselves. dan has even said it after we get our heads kicked in.

I’m hoping that they don’t think winning the north was the super bowl and we take a game off and have a baltimore or green bay game or something like that.

Always a possibility. But I think the Baltimore and Packers games will prove to be learning moments. I think all championship teams get a little full of themselves. It’s part of what makes them get to that championship level. Isaiah Thomas said that as soon as they rolled the ball out of the court the Pistons knew they were going to win. Cocky? Perhaps. Confident? Definitely. Winner? For sure. We are the new 90s Cowboys. A decade long run has just been served on the all-you-can-eat buffet.

It’s time to ruin Jimmy Johnson Day.

A ft Worth Star article posted in the Detroit News had this blurb in the middle of an article on Parson’s not getting the holding calls.

The Cowboys can start by controlling what they control and addressing their own woes that are rooted in something more fundamental and much less sinister.

They can’t run the ball. They can’t stop the run.

And they remain among the most undisciplined team in the NFL with with 108 penalties for 910 yards to rank second in the league in both categories.

All three issues have been on full display in back-to-back road losses to the Buffalo Bills and Dolphins.

Buffalo rushed 49 times for 266 yards in a 31-10 blowout.

And while the only gave up 91 yards on the ground against the Dolphins, they couldn’t stop the run and got off the field when they needed to on the final drive of the game, allowing a 12-play, 64-yard drive that ended with a game-winning field goal.

Of course, that they were flagged for face mask to start the drive on exacerbates the issues. It was one of six crucial penalties in the game that set the Cowboys.


Regarding the Lions, that has been true.