Extreme Drafting

Thought we could have some fun with extreme drafts. Hardcore trade ups or downs. Double or Triple Dipping. Anything out of the box.

Exhibit A: The HardCore Trade Down Draft.
This draft starts with 3 trade downs!

It ends up securing 7 players in the top 60, and 11 players in the top 131.


When I first read the title, I thought it said Extreme Dating. I was way off after clicking on the thread.

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You must be new here

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Yup. Am I missing an inside joke? (or is it that the mock included a tight end in round 2?)

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All the trading is probably a bit far fetched and hard to do, but I like how you keep drafting trenches over and over early and often.

But you did say extreme draft, so yea, makes sense.

Yes. There is a thread for simulator drafts full of hundreds of unrealistic multiple trade sceneries.


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The PFF mock simulator keeps it kinda real if you don’t force trades…which I don’t.

Extreme = Pushing hard on a theme or approach.

That is funny. Great joke!

Walk me through how PFF simulator is flawed, Mr. Cynic. I’m all ears. Mic is yours.

I do certainly concede you would never be able to fluidly move up and down the board as readily in the real draft. Nor trade as much.

But the trades are based on credible draft metric values.

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in this fantasy war room…. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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@Phunnypharm ur getting water in those jugs! or on them, can’t decide. :rofl:

Does it matter? :flushed::face_with_hand_over_mouth::wink:

I mean…. some things look better that way….

Not even close. Ive seen trade ups where i gained value instead of losing it. It is a joke if you are trying to be realistic

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Everything matters dude… common brother!

Didn’t u watch family matters, ha ha

My face when I saw you commented on this thread.

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turn down the ‘randomness’ metric.

Anyway…My bad…started off the thread with what I can see looks like self-congratulatory mockubation.

Was truly trying explore extreme/themed drafts. But not feeling particularly welcome at the moment. I’m out.

I love this languaging.
Brother → we are a bunch of mostly light hearted guys in here.
Dont’ take it personally & keep posting.

I am not a PFF fan. They put Fox as 30th ranked punter & I was completely done with them.
That said, we all like to talk about different stuff…
Some are more drafters, some are stat guys, I prefer to talk about leadership aspects & energy. There are ppl that make fun of me & attack me for that too.
Who cares?
Just have fun experience for yourself man.


The only thing I can think of is that people are getting “mocked out” at this point. Threads like this pop up every year and often. Its a fun mental break. You were even clear that you were just goofing around. The Cleveland Browns are the team that I think most aligns with the trade down fans, in terms of some of the stuff they’ve pulled off in real life multiple times (not just a one off). They blew most of the picks, of course.

2009 - Started at #5 in the 1st round. Traded down to #17 for a 2nd rounder and a few players. Then they traded #17 down to #19 and a 6th round pick. Before people start to get upset, this was one of the few times the Browns actually had a plan and knew they could get the player they coveted later than their original pick. So they got what they could in the process. Then they traded #19 down to #21, picking up another 6th rounder. That’s where they drafted All Pro C Alex Mack.

2011 - Started at #6 pick in the 1st round. People will remember this one. They traded down to #26 for a 2nd, a 4th, a future 1st and a future 4th.

2014 - Started at #4 in the 1st round. Traded down to #9 for a future 1st and future 4th.

2016 - Started at #2 in the 1st round. Traded down to #8 for a 3rd, a 4th, a future 1st and a future 2nd. They took #8 and traded down to #15 for a future 2nd and future 3rd.

2017 - This one is interesting. Their normal pick was #1 overall because they suck and blow draft picks. However, the 1st round pick they acquired for trading down from #2 to #8 is about to be traded again. This pick sits at #12 and they trade down to #25 for a future 1st round pick. To put it into perspective their move from #2 down to #8 ultimately led to multiple 1st rounders, a 2nd, a 3rd and a 4th. Every draftnik’s dream! Except they blew most of the picks.