Fanspeak On the Clock 2022 mock draft!

Puts the Lions at #1 overall. Oh, ye of little faith!
If that were to happen, the Jared Goff debate is over. He’s a bridge quarterback.

But what if the Lions didn’t take a QB at first overall? What if they took a game-wrecking DE? And what if, with the Rams pick in the first round, they got their #1 receiver? AND still got their QB of the future?

I just kinda nailed that with my first attempt at Fanspeak 2022 On the Clock. Latest big board, difficult setting:

1: R1 P1 EDGE Kayvon Thibodeaux - Oregon

25: R1 P25 WR John Metchie - Alabama

33: R2 P1 LB Brenton Cox - Florida

65: R3 P1 QB Kedon Slovis - USC

143: R5 P1 OT Ryan Van Demark - Connecticut

176: R5 P34 RB Tyler Badie - Missouri

180: R6 P1 DL Dalyn Wade-Perry - Stanford

218: R6 P39 CB Coby Bryant - Cincinnati

229: R7 P10 G Cain Madden - Marshall

245: R7 P26 K Blake Mazza - SMU

If Slovis goes in round 3, l will be shocked, but I ain’t complaining if it’s to us.

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They’ve got Rattler and The Liberty Guy going way high.

And Howell from UNC going ahead of Slovis, too.

But it’s SOOO early.



The kid hasn’t been great, but when he’s on… he’s a sniper. He needs to make better decisions at times, and I think he will mature into that this season. I don’t see him getting out of the first, when it’s all said and done. Not getting out of the top ten is a genuine possibility in my opinion. We see it every year.


70% completions.

Accuracy is one of those “you either have it or you don’t” things.


I mean, he did have Amon Ra, so that may be slightly less this season and slightly higher when he plays with him again in 22.

If we’re picking 1st, we definitely should be picking a QB. Still, I couldn’t help but pick Thibodeaux. (That said, I did take Willis with our Rams 1st rounder, so I’m thrilled.)

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Willis? You mean Metchie correct?

I concur with your idea of getting a WR down there at the bottom of the first, top of the second. I also really like Thibodeaux there with our 1st pick. He is a game changing edge rusher in the mold of Myles Garrett or Chase Young.

I will say though under this scenario where the Lions are picking #1, assuming Goff proves he is NOT a viable option (which would surprise me), then QB would have to be an option somewhere. Under such a scenario, I’m a fan of exploring what it would take to package picks to get Howell as well as Thibodeaux.

Of the guys available, Howell looks like a Baker Mayfield/Drew Brees type prospect. Those are bold projections, and Howell lost a lot of skill position talent in the draft. But let’s see what shakes out this season. Someone is going to rise to the top. I’m willing to bet it’ll be Sam Howell. A lot depends on Goff.

I don’t see it with Slovis. I definitely see the Howell-Mayfield comp. Mayfield is more creative and accurate but Howell got a much bigger arm and doesn’t act like an idiot. Rattler has some talent but he’s not a true #1OA guy. I need to watch more Willis but it sounds like if he plays well that he’s likely QB1. I do think Carson Strong can go pretty high as well.

Really like the way Matt Corrall throws the ball. Tons of arm talent and a good athlete. Seems to have matured. Not a big guy but he’s my favorite ‘22 eligible QB that I’ve watched a bunch of.

I’m a USC homer, so I have to see it with Slovis, but I can understand where you’re coming from. This is his make or break, for sure.

we will have a comp pick end of rd 3 so take around 5 of the end of rd3 5 top rd 4 an that player would fit likely as are comp in rd 3

I don’t think they use a rd 3 pick on a QB regardless how Goff does Remember we have 2 first rd picks in 2023 .
The only way you take a QB in rd 3 would be they think he can be solid backup an if they get lucky ok starter.
I still wonder why so many think Goff is not very good when record his record shows different.
The years when he has a running game he was top 3 QB an went to SB that is a fact. Yet so many want to burn a high pick on a QB an pass on maybe that edge player.
I would be happy if rd one went 1: R1 P1 EDGEKayvoThibodeaux- Oregon
R1 P25 WR John Metchie - Alabama
After that i would look for a LB an S in rd 3. DEVIN LLOYD LB UTAH early then S late Brandon Joseph Northwestern
That would be great two day haul an still at least 5 more picks


I missed out on WR with the 1st 3 picks. DE, QB, LB is how it fell for me. I grabbed Willis, the QB from Liberty.

If we picked a QB, Goff would need to be traded…add some picks to your draft.

But I don’t see us trading Goff.

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Man this is almost exactly how I feel. No interest in Slovis, Howell is Mayfield 2.0 (though I’d also add that at least at the college level, Mayfield’s decision-making was better), Willis has tantalizing traits but a lot to prove, Rattler’s a douchebag, Strong is intriguing, and Corral’s my favorite.

Honestly, I really hope we can hold off until at least ‘23 to draft a QB.

If the Lions finish bottom 5 and it’s with a healthy Goff, you take a QB. There’s only so many kicks at the can that you get to draft a top QB. Hell, it could be argued that they should have taken a QB this year, not that I agree.

This was the foundation setting draft so next draft should be about taking the QB if Goff fails and setting an even stronger foundation with so many picks. That QB will be walking into a good situation if the Lions hit on their picks.

Yep. I see it in Willis’ film. He’s got the raw physical traits of a QB1. It’s hard to judge a guy’s consistency and accuracy without watching numerous full game film which I’ve not done. I’d say at first glance though that Willis has that super high ceiling as well as a low floor. Howell has a lower ceiling, higher floor. Do you gamble on greatness or do you roll with more of a sure thing? I do like Howell. This season will reveal much more about both.

I hacked your phone. It’s how I get all my draft takes.

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