Fantasy vs Reality….Draft Edition

I am putting this out now with the full intentions of either eating crow… or a casual victory lap!

This article almost helps depict my thoughts on this off-season.

  1. Jags might not be able to stomach going edge again… It hasn’t worked…. They need protection for Lawrence to at least figure out if he’s the guy.

  2. Somebody might trade up for a non QB??? Ala Julio

  3. Take a look at where N Dean, D Lloyd, Burks, J Williams, McCreary, G Wilson, Pickett etc are on this board. Why? ITS THE MOST REALISTIC MOCK IVE SEEN.

Most mocks favor seniors, and almost overly favor juniors who had great sophomore campaigns, but refuse to drop guys for injury or regressed production. Stingley is one that comes to mind unless he works out like a stud.

Guys like Lloyd, McCreary, Burks and J Williams will be top picks. They were t projected to be at the start of the year, so they mocked late 1 or early 2….

The problem is ab equal amount of guys have lost momentum, or had stock fall, but we don’t do look at #5-21 as we don’t see it affecting us. Only most guys being mocked #23-35 that we like won’t be there.

There will be 3 WRs in the top 18 picks.


Perfect. Sign me up. Best player at a position of need in Hamilton. Most dynamic playmaker and quarterback at the Rams pick. The rest can be tight ends thru round seven and I’ll take it.

D Bell
D Clark
V McKinley
K Walker
J Johnson

All studs-above

D Ridder is my favorite QB

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I really like Ridder and like Corral too. I honestly think they’re safer and may play better on day 1. Head says Ridder or Corral. Heart wants willis. Especially at that price point.

Willis is not supposed to be a day one starter, and her coaches will know that when they draft him

Personally I think Corral and Pickett have separated themselves a bit and I expect them to be in play in the 5-12 range.

Ridder is intriguing for sure.

Been watching quite a few Bailey Zappe highlights. He reminds me of Mac Jones. Slightly different body type but similar anticipation, processing and accuracy. Now, just how good Mac Jones actually is, I’m not so sure but I’d argue that Zappe has at least some lottery ticket starter upside.

I love Hamilton but safeties usually don’t go top 10 let alone top 3.

I just don’t see anyone drafting him in the top 5.


It wouldn’t shock me if both go in the top 10 but I’m pretty sure their both gone by pick 15.

I like Corral slightly more and I was expecting him to go to Houston but David Mills play might keep Houston off the market this year.

I also prefer Corral. Much higher upside IMO. 18 months younger. But I do like Pickett as well.

I liked Corral last year.

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Whiffed on Mertz and Daniels though.

If you can get three 2nds to jump back from 2 to 5 and get Hamilton there then you take that deal 100% of the time.

You could use the Giants 37 with 28 and get down to Devin Lloyd territory and still have 34 for a QB or WR.

Don’t like Hamilton at 5 for positional values issues? Go get 12 and 19 from Philly.

12,.19, 28, 34, 37.

Wilson/Williams, Lloyd, Hill, Willis, Logan Hall
Something for everyone

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Omg did someone say trade back

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One of my all time favorite Lions was “Trade Down for Roy Williams.” Roy himself? Not so much but that trade down.

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Same thing can be said for T-Ends. Flacon and Pitts say otherwise.
If Holmes/DC know Hamilton is THE guy, go get him.


I love this board.

The same people who go into a Fukushima-grade meltdown about “losing” a fifth-round pick acquiring Benson are quite liberal when it comes to what other teams will give to move a slot or two in the draft. The wailing and gnashing of teeth here if the Lions did a trade up like that would be deafening.

In the approximately eleventy-seven trillion mock drafts we see every year here, I honestly cannot remember a single one that had a trade up that wasn’t first predicated on multiple trade downs to get extra picks.

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Hmmm…we moved from pick 2 to pick 5 and what did we supposedly get for it?

This is interesting.
The Lions aren’t in the market for a QB…but take one with their 2nd first round pick!!! LOL

The Lions aren’t necessarily in the market for a QB; Jared Goff has been good at times and this team has plenty of other immediate needs. Among them: the secondary, and only safety Will Harris is under contract after next season. Hamilton, meanwhile, is a 6-4, 220-pound version of Ed Reed – a sideline-to-sideline ball hawk – and that makes him a Day 1 impact player.

We have a second-round grade on Willis but – and stop us if you’ve heard this already – that doesn’t mean teams looking for a quarterback won’t take one 15 to 30 picks before perhaps they should. If the Lions do, in fact, target Willis here it has to be with the understanding that he’ll be a backup in in '22 while Jared Goff continues to hold down the job. Willis has all the tools you look for in an athletic, strong-armed QB but he’s also extremely raw. It would be reckless to throw him into the lineup as a rookie.


And FWIW, I think the Jags need O-line help and will take Evan Neal or Ekwonu before taking a DE…but what do I know.


Yeah, the article took a turn for the worse with the whole the trade details don’t matter. The hell they don’t.

Was it 2OA plus the 2nd rounder for 5 & 8? Was it for three seconds?

Come on, if you’re going to do the trade, at least put context to it. It’s like they wanted to get a player to the Giants and not worry about it being realistic while letting them keep another pick so they get more players.


I think the jags trade down from 1 or take the ot there. Hutch will be there for lions at 2… but they might still trade back a few spots anyways.

Considering the Jags took an edge rusher in 2020 and 2019 I would expect them to look elsewhere at the top, especially considering their is an OT prospect worthy of the 1st pick. Also they just drafted Lawrence and their #1 priority should be setting him up to be successful and that starts with being able to protect him.

We should have the pick of Thib or Hutchinson at #2.

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