Fantasy vs Reality….Draft Edition

I would be very, very surprised if Evan Neal is the #1 pick. His tape is erratic af. He’s a physical freak yes, but as an OT he’s got major issues. I’ve got him as a 2nd rounder right now. He won’t go in the 2nd round, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he fell to the 10-15 range.

If Sewell was in this draft, would he be the #1 pick?


There has only been 8 safeties drafted in the Top 15 since 1991!
LaRon Landry- 2007 #6
Michael Huff- 2006 #7
Donte Whitner- 2006 #8
Sean Taylor- 2004 #5
Roy Williams- 2002 #8
Patrick Bates- 1993 #12
Eric Turner- 1991 #2
Stanley Richard 1991 #9

Yeah, he’s a favorite of mine because of the Mac Jones comparisons. I’d love it if he lasts until our 3rd round comp pick. Do you think that is likely? I don’t have any sense of what spot he’s likely to get picked.

I think that info came from an article written in March of 2008…. because….

Earl Thomas was #14 in 2010.
Jamal Adams was #6 in 2017.
Malik Hooker was #15 in 2017.
Mark Barron was #7 in 2012 (was SS then)
Minkah F. was #11 in 2018.
Karl Joseph was #14 in 2014.
Kenny Vaccaro was #15 in 2013.
Eric Berry was 5th in 2010.
Malcolm Jenkins was #14 in 2009.


im so dumb lol. i didnt check the date. LOL


[ NFL Draft - Are Safeties Worth a Top Five NFL Draft Pick?]
This is the article. If I would have actually read it rather then go right to the players I would have known.

And let’s keep in mind that not one of those guys was worth the pick. I’d much rather move down and get corral as our guy and take S and WR at the end of the first / top of the second then do the reverse with a ridiculous question mark like willis

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Unless he blows everyone away at the Senior Bowl, I’d put it at almost a 100% certainty.

I have him ranked higher than anyone in this class, and since there’s no QB to jump higher-rated players (not that the Jags would take a QB anyway), yeah, I think he’d have a great shot to go #1.


Great post, whether you are right or wrong at least your opinion is well thought out which isn’t always the case around here. I would be surprised if Jag’s went DE as well, but, stranger things have happened. I like the trade down scenario if I know what we are getting, otherwise I have no problem standing pat. 100% against poor mans Trey Lance in the first.

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I think there’s a really good shot that he lasts that long.

That’s an interesting thought, then. For as often as we’re lamenting the talent this year and Okudah’s draft, sandwiched in between is a potential #1 overall pick finding his way to us at pick 7.

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I like it, brother

I have seen several mocks having Jordan Davis available at our 2nd pick in the 1st. If we pick up Hutchinson or Hamilton + Davis, sign me up for some Detroit Lions tickets next year.

doesn’t that also mean ZERO in the last 14 years?

Haha sort those search filters to most recent

If you could get that kid in shape, good luck running on the defense ever again. He’s one large dude. Could be a massive risk though and doesn’t offer much as a pass rusher.

If Thibs is a one trick pony, Davis is a one trick Godzilla with really poor endurance. Good luck on getting him off the field in time when switching personnel. It didn’t come into play very much this season because there were so few long drives against Georgia until the Alabama game. I’m interested in seeing how Michigan deals with him on Friday.

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Michigan should definitely go up tempo. Gotta get some first downs to really tire him out.