Favorite horror/sci-fi movies!

Couple i didn’t see listed

For horror the shining

For comedy horror Tucker and Dale vs evil i thought was hilarious

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So this is a little obscure but I really liked the remake of Dawn of the Dead when it came out in the early 2000s. I don’t think it was hugely popular but I thought it was entertaining and well done with just the right amount of scary and campy. It doesn’t hold up perfectly in light of all the Zombie stuff that came out after that, but I do think it spawned a renewed interest of Zombie movies that led to those other movies/series aka The Walking Dead etc.

Pandorum was pleasantly surprising. It didn’t end as great as I would have hoped (it was satisfying enough I guess) but the first 45 minutes of the movie was great.

Pet Sematary left me with nightmares as a boy. That lady in the attic…

Early Kenneth Branagh. I also enjoyed his film take of the book Frankenstein that came out in the 90s as well, maybe a couple years after Dead Again.

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I would agree. The Exorcist holds up well despite the advances in FXs. For some reason, this scene right here (the Spiderwalk backward down the stairs) spooked me badly as a kid who had no business watching it now that I think about it.

One also worth mentioning as one of these classics is Alien because Alien was the first I’m aware of that is considered space horror. It pretends its Science Fiction, and it is I guess, but there is such a horror element to it when they are trapped on the ship with the Alien.


I love both Alien and The Shining. Smart psychological horror beats lots of blood and guts any day.

Alien > Aliens

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


I remember watching that in the theatre in Royal Oak when I was out of town on a case working for @Weaselpuppys PI firm. The next night I went to the same theatre and watched Run Lola Run