Fess up: What did you do to make the Lions lose?

I went out on my deck during halftime and couldn’t find my Lions hat (it was under a coat), so I wore my Michigan hat instead. Don’t know what I was thinking, sorry guys.

The bigger culprit was probably my wife’s friend. Placed an order for Lions swag at half time. When I realized she’d done it, I just shook my head. Game killer. Total rookie move.



I am not blameless. I went light on the red pepper flakes for my wings to make them more crowd friendly. That violates the spirit of going all balls like Gamblin’ Dan.

I am at fault, too. I was so pumped at halftime that I needed to hit the pen to chill out…well, the Lions also chilled out after that.

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WTF man, right when the team needed you most too. SMH


At half time, while at Ford Field, I said out loud to strangers I was cheering with, “we are going to the Super Bowl”

I’m so sorry for my actions and am deeply remorseful.


I took a shower at halftime. I washed off all the good luck

I made a similar error in the other direction. I was WAY too sober for the second half.

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In retrospect, it might’ve worked out well for me. I can’t imagine that second half sober.

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Yea, i kinda don’t really remember a fair amount of the second half…for which I am thankful.
Those six 16oz dipa’s were not a wise choice.


I wore TWO good luck shirts together… apparently, they are meant to be worn as “standalones” and don’t work when in conjunction with one another. Damn it!

I didn’t sit in the same seat that I sat in for the previous two playoff games. And I was wearing a different t-shirt.

I’m so sorry.

I wore my new NFC North Champions shirt for the 1st time. I new better than to break in a new shirt during the game, but I’d worn different shirts for both the Rams and Bucs and justified it.

I didn’t go on my thread here and tell you I love you guys before the game.

I didn’t go to the game.

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I wore brand new Lions boxer shorts yesterday. We’re 0-1 when there is Lions insignia down there. Probably never a game day thing.

Man… See, that seems like the kind of warning that should have been clearly printed on the label. Anybody would assume the two shirts would combine their powers, rather than canceling each other out. Maybe a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer will prevent these kinds of issues in the future?

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YES! It could help to pay for Goff’s salary! Shit…still count against the cap though!

I had a BM in the third quarter that looked Ben Johnson and as i flushed it, i could’ve swore it was saying nooooooooooo!

A powerful lesson to us all. True fans go commando–on gameday and every day.

I was thinking go vintage RHCP and just wear a Lions sock on my …