Fields possibly out for the season?

Bears need O-line help and a True #1 WR tbh

Kmet has been getting better for them and has risen as a true weapon in that offense, but they need like 2017-2018 Allen Robinson again for them for a WR

They do have some choices around draft time for sure tbh, but i dont think this is the best O-line talent, nor is there a big WR you can take early, (Still good depth in this class, studs in here for sure, but no one really standsout)

All of the empathy for Fields and yet Goff has zero help with WR and it’s his fault. (Not you but those calling for a running QB in the next draft)

What happens if Fields sits and the Bears win ??

Ecstasy of Bears blowing another high pick on a failed QB.

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So far, but not for long. Jamo is a-coming and if Brad listens to what is currently bouncing around in my suggestable brain, he’ll draft Quentin Johnston with our #15-ishOA pick. Move over, Cheetah and Waddle.

I could really see us taking another WR with one of our top 5 magic beans in the first 3 rounds. Cephus is always hurt, Chark is gone for sure after this season. Reynolds is more of a depth guy, WR#4. Kalif is a solid number #5.

On paper we got a young St. Brown and young Jamo, we could use one more for a deadly trio, especially because we don’t feature Tight ends in the passing game much. And depth is vital, WR’s are always getting banged up it seems.


Amon-Ra runs circles around all of the Bears WRs combined, plus Goff has a really good O line and for a while had a healthy Swift/Hockenson and he still struggled.

Have you watched the dude catching balls down at TCU, you can definitely take that guy early

He’s been so disappointing they might be able to bring him back for cheap. Not that they will, but it’s an option

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I don’t care if he’s on a vet min contract, if he’s always on the shelf, it’s kinda just a waste of a roster spot IMO, I’d rather go with a young draft pick.

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Even if Fields had a great O-line, guess what!? He still can’t read defenses or pass. With a great O-line they would still rely on him running the ball, and well we know where that leads.

They traded a high 2nd round pick for Claypool only to not use him at all. Gotta love it Bears!!


That would be Quentin Johnston who I highlighted a little earlier. If we can get him at our own #15-ish pick, I’d be fine with the rest of our draft being defense. You’re absolutely right about watching that guy in action. He’d pass the eye test for everyone but Stevie Wonder.


100% concur
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