Film Critique Of Hutch Against Chicago

It seems fair.


Liked it all.
Hutch is just a pup still…energetically, strength-wise, conditioning-wise, etc.

So fired up for his future.


That was a cool video thanks for posting.

To my novice eye I gotta say I didn’t see anything really bad in there, even the plays he was “beat” on. The one run to the sideline by fields, while Hutchinson lost some contain there, he still took a good angle and forced him out before the first down.

The overrun on the should’ve been sack that was a TD, he should’ve been sacked anyway (didn’t catch who that was).

That was really cool to see! I take back anything I said before about hutchinson not starting on other teams - yes I was wrong and yes he would definitely start on other teams.

Also 5.5 sacks with half a season to go… that is pretty awesome production from a rookie! I think I recall everyone being pretty happy if he got close to 10…


I’m surprised he didn’t show the pick 6 play that Hutchinson created. Hutch read the play to prevent the quick toss to the TE. That threw off the timing. Then, after Okudah makes the pick, Hutch’s block ended up taking out both Bears and Okudah was able to get the easy score.

Hutch’s sack, Hutch’s flying tackle and Hutch’s play that resulted in the pick 6 were all exactly why you take the guy at #2 overall.


that’s fun to say …and watch…and accept as truth!
Love Hutch!


Experience-wise. He’s catching up to NFL speed, fast!


I think that was Buggs, our 300 pounder.


That first play, Hutch crashed down inside and I’m sure it was by design but if that was a RPO, then Field read it wrong. If Fields pulls that ball back in, he’s one on one with only Okudah.
Again, probably by design but Hutch only won because of the offensive play they ran…and that’s not either good or bad, I’m just sayin.

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The second play he showed where he came unblocked off the edge and slammed down the RB was awesome. Can’t believe they left him unblocked on that. But an awesome play and he really did look like a lion


Just think about an offseason of taking care of his body NFL Man-strength, and more endurance. Dude’s gonna be an absolute monster when we get him some help on the inside.


I stopped after the first play. I’ve seen this kids “breakdowns” before and just don’t think he’s worth watching.


I agree with several posters here. Any in depth analysis of his game is going to show some mistakes. Sure, he’s a pup, but guess what? You can do the same for Ragnow. Hutch is SUPPOSED to make some mistakes; it’s called growing pains.

Get adjusted to the speed of the NFL this year, continue learning, and then in the offseason. Well let me start by saying enjoy a month to six weeks to get healthy, then go beast mode in the training room. Adjust to regiments necessary to be successful in the NFL. He has a plethora of resources available to him. Maybe even throw a few pounds on that body. STUDY. So forth and so on.

I’m excited to watch him against the Giants, but I am even more excited to watch him next year.


Fields has 550 yards rushing in his past 5 games.

I don’t know if we can say a single player “should” have tackled him… until he has both hands firmly on him.

Fields is not only 4.4 fast…. but showed at the end of the game that he is also very difficult to bring down due to his strength.


Put Fox in at LB to spy on him and teach him about where QBs belong on the food chain.

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Ok, so I went back and watched his “film”.

What do you guys think of play #3, where Fields runs the ball out of bounds. Was it a good play or bad play by Hutch?


Sorry guys, just throwing out some names. Anyone else, feel free to voice your thoughts.

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I love plays like that because it changes how teams have to gameplan against us. They either have to change their blocking assignments to play us…or throw some plays out of the playbook because they won’t work against Hutch. I remember Suh used to do that to teams. Plays that they normally used a single blocker had to be changed to include a double team on Suh. And plays that involved pulling guards had to be run on a limited basis or thrown out of the playbook entirely. The reason being that you couldn’t pull the guard that was on Suh because he would chase the guard and blow up the play that way. And if you pulled the opposite guard Suh would get so much push on his guard that he’d be in the backfield and the opposite guard would have his path cut off.

I did a little bit of film study to prepare for the Giants and one thing I noticed is that the Texans successfully used just a tight end to block Thibs in the run game. Its funny that in a film study of Hutch “that’s just stupid, why try this?” Very different players.


I thought it was a good play and thought he displayed good speed. It looked like Davis saw the play developing as an outside run and was trying to get Anzalone out wider. I’m a little freaked out by Davis having good recognition there.


Yeah. I thought it was a fine rep. Critiquing a guy for a half yard of horizontal positioning when he’s got to defend a zone read with a RB averaging six yards per carry and a QB running a 4.4 and setting QB rushing records seems a bit much.


I don’t have a problem with this breakdown, but I do have a problem with the draftnk guy on Twitter, not sure if some of you saw, that was bashing Hutch. It was ridiculous. People came after him.

I love Hutch, but I’m going in with my eyes open. I never expected Hutch to be Nick Bosa or Chase Young. To me, he was never that level. He’s a step below. That is not knocking him. That is just being realistic about his ceiling and accepting that you take what the draft gives you. The top part of this draft was simply not as full of dominant players as years past. Still, Hutch is a very good player that is helping. And I expect him to be very good for a long time.

yep. you get one good DT and that dline gets pretty darn good pretty quick with hutch, new dt and pashel. I would rather switch to a 3-4 to better use hutch and pashel but eh.

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