Five WRs to watch for Round 1

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I am starting to believe we are not taking a WR in the first round. Reynolds has made this less of a priority, Cephus will be back St. Brown is playing well. I think WR will be addressed day 2.


Better make the OL better

Evan Brown got his A$$ kicked in run blocking last week

Big V too many lapses

Evan Brown isn’t supposed to be on the field, and if you only have one weak spot on your O line in this league you’re not too bad.

This team needs one guy on both sides of the ball where the other team turns on the film and says “We have to stop that guy”. They already kind of have that with Hockenson and Swift, but they need a linebacker and a wide receiver that can do that.

I’m leaning toward WR with our pick and LB with the Rams pick. It makes the most sense position wise. That said there’s very good defensive line talent at the top where our pick is and we might not want to pass that up, especially if we finish 2-5.


Im leaning toward a best OG that can be next Sewell and Ragnow and can make the hole gape like its been DPed


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Defense with first pick either Edge or S.

Second first round pick all depends who is there, if a top LB or S is there go defense. Grab WR in 2nd round.


That would be the Lion thing to do. When you look at reality none of these guys would be more then a #3 on most teams.


If KT or Hutch are there they better take one of them.


If the Lions are in the top 3 picks and take a WR that would be a shame. The draft is loaded with WR’s and one can be had with either the Rams pick or at the top of the 2nd round. That first pick should be DE, LB, or S. I would even be OK spending the Rams pick and the 2nd rd pick on QB-WR as long as they take a playmaker for our defense with the first pick.


David bell with the top of 2nd rd pick for me.

I would like it… but will be shocked if he makes it to round #2 even with a good WR draft.

Can i have this dream draft?

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Decker is making big money. Ragnow is making big money. Jackson was a Pro Bowl alternate this year and odds are if we resign him he will be making big money. Sewell is making pretty good money on his rookie contract and Big V is making big money. We would be nuts to invest heavily in another guard. It would be financially irresponsible with regards to the cap.


This part of the article is well said.

I think that the combo of St. Brown, Cephus, and Reynolds (presuming he re-signs) along with Hock and Swift means that you don’t have to fill in a bunch of bodies for the WR corps. Those guys together with a legit #1 are very solid. We have to acquire a strong #1 WR in the offseason.

But if the draft and FA shake out that you land an Allen Robinson and a Garrett Wilson (as an example), that’s also a clear upgrade that will benefit the team.

I like that they can add talent without feeling too much pressure to sign or draft a specific guy to a specific position.

Love it but I’d want a burner as well whether that’s someone like Chark in FA or an Flowers, Austin or Roberson type later in the draft.

I mean we did have a 5th string running back go over 100 yards last week so Brown couldn’t have played that poorly and we have the best center in the nfl coming back next year.


Kraemer i am very sure played most of game if not all a LOG an we ran very well.
If he is improving the way it appears for a undrafted rookie he gives us a sound OG back up along with Brown who also backs up Center. They can have Brown for another year maybe sign for 3 years let him earn even bigger deal.
The OL is in good shape moving forward we could add a OT or swing OT but shouldn’t be big cost backup.

You don’t need stud OL sitting waiting for a chance to play. Big V is good for next season then rework his deal or Brown or Kramer can step in.


I just want the next Jerry Rice, in terms of mentality and work ethic, not physical attributes. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for, right? Lol


I hope that the Lions staff keep in mind that Goff really shy’s away from throwing those 50/50 balls. From what I have seen this year if I guy is not open he eats the sack, (because we know he can’t scramble). If we are drafting I want a separation guy or crisp routes over a jump ball guy. Same goes for FA’s if we go that route with WR’s.

Rumor is Big Ben is considering retiring, maybe give Ju Ju’s agent a call and see what kind of money he is looking for. Steelers tend to undercut their offers to veterans so maybe that would be an option without breaking open the piggy bank. Plus he’s young a good leader and should hit his prime in 2 years, which is around when I expect us to make a playoff push.

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