Folks need to understand that the NFL season is a marathon

I am reading post after post on here about how some teams are fraudulent, or people on here crowning teams already. We are heading into week 6. It’s great to live in the moment, but so much can change over the rest of the season and many posters here get ahead of themselves. A team doesn’t suck because they had one or two bad weeks. A team isn’t great because they put together a few wins at the start of the year.

Here were the power rankings heading into week 6 last season:

Notables- #5 Carolina missed playoffs finished 0-8
#6 Jags ended up drafting top 10
#7 Bengals LOL
#9 Minnesota missed playoffs
#16 Cleveland how’d that work out for Hue?
#21 Seattle- Made playoffs
#22 Houston- Won Division
#23 Dallas- Won division and playoff game
#29 Indy- Won playoff game

Nothing gets decided after week 5. Tough to constantly read people acting like players/teams are a joke/ great after a couple weeks.


Excellent post.

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You’re preaching to the Lions fans choir—it’s a story we know all too well.

2007: 6-2 start; 7-9 finish.
2013: 6-3 start; 7-9 finish.
2016: 9-4 start; 9-7 finish.


I still reserve the right to do THIS after every Lions win:


You might be onto something, Iggy. I thought for sure the Lions were going to the Super Bowl after beating New England in week three last year. The signs were clear!!


The week leading up to the Eagles game Iggy started a thread stating “This game will tell you if the Lions are for real”. :crazy_face:


I agree… to a certain extent but then…

Last urs weekly power ranking snap shot you provided also shows its validity to a degree as well.

Of the top 12 teams shown last yrat this time, 7 teams that week also made the playoffs to include the top four!!

Of the top 16 teams… 8 or half made the playoff that yr.

So, if you are in the bottom half 17-32 as of this week… only 25% will make it.

Meaning that a small portion, a minority will do what you are saying. The majority are already in the top half…

Now, I’d love to play this snap shot comparison for a few more yrs back!’

Love to see if it stay close to this data snapshot from last yr.

But, it’s also common sense. The mark port of the 4 win teams are making the playoffs this yr

KC, Pats And Bills are literally shoe ins at this point barring a total collapse. So two division titles and a WC spot or half the AFC is already spoken for.

For the NFC, I mean roomed already in another post that they currently have 11 teams at 3 of better wins… I only see the West taking two seeds … leaving four up for grabs.

But if the lions win, we are fighting for both diction and WC… we lose and it’s back to fighting only for a WC…

So I already see half the playoff teams set… in just five weeks…

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Can’t fault Iggy for that. The Eagles were a stepping stone. The Packers on the road are the next step. Need a lot of those steps to get to the top.


From a Lions fan point of view, I fully understand that if we win against Green Bay it doesn’t mean they have arrived as a team. They will just be taking the next step. With many more steps to take to show that they can consistently perform at a higher level than what we have seen in the past.

But it will feel good…real good.

Conversely, if they lose it’s not the end of the world …but it will suck ass.

Like crowning the Cowboys NFC champs or claiming Mayock won executive of the year in April? Or the Lions are going down a dark path before a game is played. Maybe the OP shouldn’t talk down to other posters.

That said, it’s a good point. It just reminds me a helluva lot of the OPs endless hot takes. Painful, like he says, to read.


As high as I am on the Lions, I have been a fan for decades.
if they lose a hard fought close game at GB, then lose to MN, we’re right back to feeling SOL.
I don’t think they are even close to SOL, but results are results.

Hope they can keep the koolaid true Honolulu blue for a few more weeks.

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IDK, I’ve seen more positive comments from Iggy here in the short time since the 247sports Lions forum closed than in years on the other board. Makes you wonder whether it’s the same guy.

Anyway, 247 is dead and gone. IMO, we should bury it and start fresh here.


I’ve taken the liberty of editing your post. You’re making a good point about teams and the season. Let it be about that.

“post after post”, “people on here” “people acting like” are wholly unnecessary.

Let you points stand on their own without taking shots.


Gawd damn!
For a franchise like the Lions EVERY week is a prove it week
Every week is a stepping stone
Will take a few years of annual success for me to see it different for this franchise

Having said that
I think the progress of the franchise should be clear at this point
I don’t think we’ll see a 3 game skid type thing from the Lions this year
(Exception of key injuries of course)

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Solid post with some good points!

Admittedly, I am one that tends to forget the season is definitely a marathon! I find myself getting way to high or low after early season wins/losses…

I guess being a Lions fan does this to certain peeps…

Agree. Only thing that counts is winning. Chiefs felt OK, then the Colts rocked them in KC, was easy to see our “win” by losing meant nothing.

If the Lions dont go 2-1 in the next 3 games, GB, MIN, NYG, its SOL.

I agree that it is too early to be making any predictions. WE just got done watching September football( or as other wise known extended preseason). Now the end of October/first games of November will give us a much better picture of who might be real and who are frauds.

My heart says the Lions are real, but the next 4 weeks will provide a more valid understanding.


Excellent post Iggy. LineBusy’s mild edit made it perfect.

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Really? You can’t call a poster out on this board for hypocrisy?

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The Power Rankings are a reactive tool based on how the teams did that week, much like the college rankings. It has nothing to do with the “marathon” of the season.
Referencing the Power Rankings really doesn’t fit the point IMO.