For fun, if you were going to take a QB, who would it be?

For the purpose of this exercise, let’s also assume that the pick can’t be Bryce Young since I’m sure that’s who at least 90% of people will say.

So basically who do you think is the best of the rest?

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For me it has always been CJ Stroud….been saying it since last year


It depends on the team….

The Chiefs situation? Bryce Youn

The Bengas? CJ Strou

49ers? Will Levis

Eagles? AR15

Lions? Assuming Goff is still here for 1-2 years? AR15, and if Goff is leaving tomorrow, and I have to start over, I’d take Stroud…


I believe CJ Stroud is the best QB in this class so if I was running a team that needed a QB (Chicago included), I would take Stroud.


I’m going to make a couple of assumptions that you didn’t mention – first, I’m drafting for the Lions, second, it really depends upon the round I have to take a QB in.

What I would do is wait until the later rounds and take either Tune or Hall.

I have not researched the top guys all that much, since I don’t think we are going that way, but if you forced me to pick a QB at 6 other than Young (a no-brainer), I think it would be Richardson.

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Shroud then levis

This draft it would be Stroud then Levis, then Murray. AR wouldn’t be considered until 48 then i would probably still pass

We have a good qb, so I shoot ferda moon. AR15 is the pick. He works out we set. If not, we fall back on Goff.

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This is actually a very tough question for me. All the talking of Richardson, but honestly its really close for me between Young, Stroud, and Richardson.

They all have something I love and they all have something I’m leery about. Young has everything you want except he well likely be like 5’9" at the combine. That is unheard of short. I absolutely love Stroud’s ability to feather the football and he looks fairly accurate off platform on bootlegs. I don’t love his pocket presence and ability to handle pressure. Richardson is like robo-QB with how he looks. I mean he just looks like he was born to play QB. Such a presence with the way he plays. But his accuracy is a question mark and whenever you have that much development needed I am always a bit skeptical.

Hendon Hooker. Check his stats.
That’s not the whole story, but, it’s impressive.
He’s the best QB in this class and he’s going to come cheaper because of the injury.
He’ll be completely healed up by 2024. We left the best WR of last years draft sit for half the season.
It’s a no brainer.


Well since I do not want Young or Stroud for the Lions and I don’t believe Richardson or Levis are worth a top 10 pick, it would be the 2nd round before I expect the Lions to start looking. In that case Hooker would be a pretty good pick as a developmental guy.

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So did Cutler.

Hooker might be a good guy to develop if they went that route.

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Tricky question.

  1. If we are happy with Goff and just want to swing for the fences to see what happens and you are forcing me to use a 1st round pick, I want Richardson.

  2. If we have decided Goff isn’t the answer and want to move on to a rookie contract, I want Stroud.

  3. If you are forcing me to pick a QB and I get to consider where in the draft each prospect is available, I’m taking Hendon Hooker outside of the 1st round.

  4. If you are asking me to make an SOL move just for giggles, I’m taking Will Levis.


I’m taking Jaren Hall in the 6th or Stetson Bennett if he’s gone. Then I’m also going after Adrian Martinez as an UDFA. Once you fix the OL and D there are plenty of QB’s who could be successful here esp after being given the chance to sit and learn.


I’d take a look at tanner McKee from Stanford. Big quarterback with a strong arm. He could possibly develop into a good starter sitting behind Goff for a couple years. It wouldn’t cost us a top pick and at minimum it would upgrade our backup situation.

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You know, this is a good draft for QB’s just not plug and play QB’s. We need 2 QB’s, and I wouldn’t reach out to Sudfeld to be one of them. If you are going to get a guy like Richardson with the hope that you can teach him to be a more accurate QB why not GET a more accurate QB and teach him how to be solid as a game manager?

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I thought so, but Hooker is like 25 or 26 years old already.

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I agree here, get a day 3 guy late and a UDFA if you want to address the backup QB spot and let them compete and develop.

Ride out Goff until we get blown away for a trade offer or until JJ McCarthy or Arch Manning are available then go get them.

Some of y’all have put a lot more thought into this than I’m capable of. My first reaction was Richardson. Last year it would’ve been Willis and a couple of years ago it would’ve been Tua. QB whisperer I am not.