Ford field turf

I trust science and data.

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Did you notice the Injury to their WR Robinson? Definitely partially on him. He was being spun backwards and instead of going with it while full speed sideways, he tried to stop himself and planted and now has a major knee injury.

He should have rolled with momentum, but that injury may not happen or be as bad on real grass.

We have injuries on grass.

I think cleats should be studied just as hard as the turf. Do certain cleat types result in certain type of injuries. Do certain ways you tape your ankle result in more/less injuries ??

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Track record builds Trust

I too trust science

Until science didn’t agree with your opinion. So you don’t actually believe in science.

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Lighting honestly shouldn’t be a problem. I work in an outdoor facility that runs 24/7 and we use really powerful movable light stanchions all night that would probably work great for field grow lighting. You can bring them in at night and move them out during the day to get them out of the way. You would probably need 10-12 of them for full field coverage. New tech LEDs have excellent sunlight mimicking spectrums as well.

The prevention of a single joint injury to a medium to highly paid player per season per team would pay for it by itself.

To clear the air

Can you tell me what my opinion Is ?

I’ve corrected you once so believe what you want
It’s almost like your having an argument against me on a position im not that married to /

My position isn’t that deep
My mind is not made up as I see the science like part of the third party claim of being incomplete
As sited by @Air2theThrown

"That committee hired a 3rd party company to do the study.

That committee determined more studies were needed to make an educated decision."

But I guess that science doesn’t fit your narrative of me and my whatever it is you think my position or agenda is

The picture in the article is pretty crazy.

that is crazy. we went to the draft party where we took stafford and they had kids stuff on the field and you could walk around there. It actually felt…weird. little springy spongey. granted this was 2009 and they probably changed since then but I’m not sure if I’d want to play on that or not.

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Honest question: Is this the science both of you are relying on?

But Science is meant to be questioned and constantly studied and reevaluated again and again! It’s literally part of the scientific method! The fact that the players keep bringing this up, tells me a lot more research needs to be done here.

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Can’t speak to others, but it’s one thing that I thought was important.

I’m more of mind
I do g know the science and it may not matter

If there’s a way to make the players feel they’re playing on best field in nfl for the best owner
I think it would pay dividends

If it actually prevents the next Tracy Walker $12m sideline salary , that’ll be a bonus.

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do g?
is that do know or don’t know?

doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that if the players think the home field is going to hurt them it will not help bring free agents

figure out what players want and do that. put a bow on it

  • I don’t know

I’m not claiming to be an expert at anything

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