Free agent profile: The case for, against re-signing Josh Reynolds

In the end, I think it will be a slam dunk on both sides for him to come back, even though he knows he’ll likely lose targets to williams.


He should lose them to DPJ. I can’t see both of guys being happy to be on the roster at the same time. Especially considering Holmes will add even more competition at the position this off season.

I think DPJ is an upgrade and he also plays special teams. He makes the contested catches that Reynolds can’t. Reynolds had a good streak earlier this season of making tough catches that I think skewed fans perception. But he was never an attack the bal type of receiver. DPJ swallows balls. Pause

Edit: just adding that I do appreciate Reynolds and what he was able to accomplish for us. No disrespect. But very interesting that we traded for DPJ mid season.


DPJ is also a FA. Its one or the other not both.
8 games 7 targets 5 catches. 0 TD.
17 games 64 targets. 40catches 5 td

Ill take reynolds over DPJ

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A bit myopic don’t you think?

The guy has done a really good job for us, and I don’t want to overlook the fact that as a fan I appreciate the body of work as a whole.


The drops, especially in the championship game is still fresh in my memory. As much as I don’t want to resent the shit, it’s still too soon.

If he stays thats great. If he doesn’t then that’s great too.


I too think there is a high likelihood Reynolds resigns with us. His relationship with Goff (professionally and personally) being the major reasons why.

DPJ is a good bit younger with potentially higher upside. Plus he can return Punts.

I think for continuity though, Reynolds will win out.

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I have no interest in paying Reynolds like a mid level #2 receiver. I just don’t think he is worth that kind of money. With all the money going into the offense over the next few years I think he’s one of those sad situations where you let a good guy walk.


I agree even if I’m still a little sour about his last game. He made a lot of under the radar plays for us last year. He was a big reason we won several games.

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The drops are uncharacteristic.
I am willing to bet with his 64 targets he had less than 5 drops.

He did, he had 3 drops in the regular season


That’s what makes it all the more disappointing. Reynolds was the last player I’d have guessed that would struggle with drops. Not with his experience.


DPJ replaced Marvin Jones. Who was not missed At All.

I have absolutely no idea what people are seeing in DPJ. He looked slooowwwww. If its Reynolds or him, its not even close.


I’d much rather have Reynolds than DPJ mainly because we know what we’re getting from him and we know there’s great chemistry between he and the QB. DPJ was a mostly non-factor. It’s risky thinking that he can replace what Reynolds brought.

There is no skewed perception. Reynolds was great this season and he played a big part in the Rams win as well as catching a big TD against Tampa. The skewed perception is one that forgets that he was money all season because of recency bias with the two drops against SF. Those are big shoes to fill.

If they can get him on a reasonable 2 year deal, it’s a no brainer as far as I’m concerned.

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Drop rate, including the playoffs.
LaPorta - 4.2
Ra - 4.9
Lif - 4.5
Reynolds - 6.3
Jamo - 9.5
Stats are from pro football reference.
Reynolds is very middling. Not really sure handed, not really a drop machine.

DPJ had no drops but only 13 receptions in 2023, but only one drop on 61 receptions in 2022. He has only five drops in his career. Reynolds had five drops in 2023, including playoffs. DPJ is on special teams, and is the better blocker.

If Brad and Dan are being honest, they’re signing DPJ. If Goff has any influence, they’re signing Reynolds.


Donovan Peoples-Jones is 25 in February. Wow. He had a two solid seasons with the Browns before 2023. DPJ is an experienced punt returner and we turned to him to replace Kalif when we had a need.

Josh turns 29 in February. Age HAS to be a factor.

However, DPJ has a higher career receiving number too. DPJ had 839 yards in 2022 and Reynolds’s best season he had 618 yards with the Rams in 2020.

I know we KNOW Josh better but no way I let Donovan go. Ability to give depth at punt returner and just 25? These guys are basically the same size too.

Amon Ra, Jameson Williams and Kalif Raymond and signed. We need at least ONE of these guys back and hell…we are better with BOTH…IF Josh will take low dollars. If I have to choose give me Donovan.


That’s what I mean by skewed perception. Reynolds is tall but doesn’t play to his size at all. It’s always been his criticism. Goff is so accurate thst we don’t even notice the flaws but it limits the kind of plays we are able to run. Particularly the deep balls.

This was exposed when Goff went down and Reynolds couldn’t come down with the balls from Tim Boyle.

Why are we settling for mediocrity. We need to upgrade the receiver 3 position beyond even DPJ and Reynolds.

Can anyone name one thing reynolds does that is special?

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The team has
Raymond, st brown, Williams

under contract.
I dont think they keep them both. Especially if they want to develop another rookie


Me either that was my point that either DPj or JRey not both. Neither would be happy. And they are almost redundant.

Except DPJ can do everything Reynolds can… but Reynolds can’t do everything Reynolds can

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Yes. All through the regular season Reynolds was making clutch catches on 3rd down. Some of these were some pretty difficult catches on balls that were high, low, and behind. Solid, clutch catches.

Personally, I’m not sure either one comes back. If so, I’m thinking it will be a team friendly deal. Big influx of wide receivers in this rookie class is going to put some real pressure on current fringe receivers to secure a seat in the musical chairs before the music stops. There’s nothing about either Reynolds or DPJ that screams “must sign”, conversely both are solid enough to not regret them being on your roster.

I’m completely zen on whatever they choose to do.