Front 7 Roster?

Typically teams keep 13-14 players for their front 7. If we keep 14, who’s a lock, who’s fighting for a spot, and who’s on the outside looking in? What do you guys think?


That leaves 5 spots open for battle. Special Teams and positional versatility will be critical.

These guys have an inside edge, IMO:

These guys have a shot if they show out on special teams and show some extra positional versatility:

These guys are long shots:

I do wonder if Brockers is on the edge, they have a talk with him to see if he wants to be cut to catch on with a team that’s ready to compete for a Super Bowl?


It will be 15. If not, more.

Rush = Hutchinson, Harris
SAM = JO, Houston
DL = McNeil, Brockers, Onwuzurike
Mike = Barnes, Woods
Will = Anzalone, Board, Rodriquez

OK, that’s 12 that we should all be able to agree on. Okwara and Paschal are on PUP, so we’re not going to count them yet.

Cominsky, Taylor, Bryant, Davis and Hamilton are battling it out for 3 spots, IMO.

2 DL and 1 LB…
Taylor, Cominsky and Davis?

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I think Houston will be on the PS. No reason for him not to be unless he shows so well in the preseason we have to protect him. Otherwise, he’s safe.

We’ll see. The more I listen to them, the closer JO gets to the bubble spot (to me). I expect Houston to make the cut.

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Oh good catch. Forgot about Pascal. He makes 15 when he finally gets activated.

I left out Romeo. I think the only way he plays is if it’s late this year and somebody else ends up on IR.

It’ll be tough because there’s a lot going on in the secondary. If they go 15 in the front 7, it’ll only leave them 10 spots back there unless they short the O.

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I think Houston makes the squad as a special teamer and an edge rusher in the nascar package.

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Could be truth to this. They do seem to like Houston → so far, the biggest surprise for me.

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I doubt we go heavy on defense roster wise. My guess is 25 on defense total. If we have 15 guys in the front seven that leaves 10 for the secondary.

CB - Amani, Okudah, Jacobs, Harris, Parker, Hughes, Lucas

Safety - Walker, Elliot, Joseph, Melifonwu, CJ Moore

That is 12 guys who most can argue deserve to make the roster. I think Jacobs may be a PUP candidate, but from things I’ve read recently he may be back a lot sooner then that. Who gets cut from that group?

Moore and Parker? Moore and Lucas?

I look at this roster and one thing jumps off the page…

We need more bald ppl. Holmes has otherwise been nearly flawless.

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Yeah, Pascal doesn’t make the team.:rofl:

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I think he was left off because he may be put on PUP

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Yea can’t trust my memory. Was going by the Lions official roster page. They don’t list the guys within the position groups if they are on PUP or NFI. Pascal is a lock but I wonder if they just keep him on PUP as long as they can to keep another player that is productive. Pascal will have a big hill to climb if he misses most of camp.


I doubt they keep more than 5 off line LBs Anzalone, Board, Rodriquez, Barnes, would be the four an then JO, Houston as on line an off line So in away cross between OLB an rush LB

that is 6 lets say LBs at DE would be Hutch…Harris an two bigger ones Bryant, Cominsky DT Alim,Brockers,Cornell Thats total of 13 6 LBs that have 2 also online edge 7 ONLINE

5 Safeties an 7 CBs

when Pascal an Romeo when healthy will step in for maybe injury of like players not getting job done May need another DE an one less LB

Who they replace to be determined

I think we’re going to end up with 24 on offense and 26 on defense, especially if Josh Jacobs is activated soon.

Let’s put it this way; with 24 on offense, there’s ~still~ room for Trinity Benson.
With 26 on defense, Jacobs active, and assuming Taylor makes the squad, you’re able to keep only one of:
Mark Gilbert
(a bunch others, but those are the bubble guys to me)

Same exercise on offense, at 24 players you’re keeping 1 of:
At 25, you’re keeping both. I like them to go with only 8 linemen, putting Stenberg on the PS.

The hardest cut for me to predict is at RB. I think we all agree they’re not keeping 6, so that cut to 5 when Cabinda returns is a toss-up.

The bigger point is that I find myself keeping 26 on D. At 25, we’re cutting both Bryant and Cominsky.

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Man he sure as heck will be out a long time for that injury. It’s sad because he’s exactly what this team needs across Hutch.


Two steps forward, one step back. This is our Lions.

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We got Josh jacobs!! Our running back room just got a lot more crowded!

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Bryant is having a good camp. We may be actually cutting good players this year.


I think Bryant will make it. I think the staff really likes what Hamilton brings on ST. And IF they keep 15 (I don’t think so) they probably keep Davis, again due to ST and locker room stuff. They can get away with Taylor on the PS.
*Edit - short on DL - Cornell or Comiskey instead of Davis.