Gameday Thread!

Third and long screen lol.

Fuck playing Blount. Worthless.

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Give me Zenner please.

Third down draw to Riddick lol

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Lol Riddick

Diggs is a beast.

Helmet to helmet hit on Blount on that pass… guess they’ve given up on calling those plays already.

Blount with hands of stone ffs…bring on ZZ!!!

What the shit is this playcalling.

Not event an attempt for a 55yd FG indoors? Wow…

Please fire JBC.

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At least the D came to play.

Keep feeding Zenner.

Nice way to use your blocker in space Riddick. Unless you really don’t trust Stafford to block

Right, that was a terrible cut and decision.

So 3rd and 13 they call a short play and on 3rd and 3 they go long.

That’s called outsmarting yourself

I feel really god about our defense next year. Our offense…??

Blown coverage by slay. Now he’s hurt too

Yea I don’t know what Slay was doing there.