GB screwed by refs

Lol, look at this shit… Several packer fans sharing this on FB!!!

Lions have been called for less against Rodgers several times and Clay did a helmet to helmet on Stafford at Lambeau once while Stafford was on the ground that went uncalled!

The rule is pretty black and white regarding hitting the QB’s head…treat em like your woman, you just can’t do it, not even with an open hand…even if they deserve it.

Yea, funny eh! Packer fans get pissy when it comes to officiating vs DAL, but they soak it up vs the other 30 teams!

That was a pissy call when I saw it live. The officiating around the league has been horrendous this year. Even more than pass years.

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That was 1,000x more violent than the PI call against us vs KC. Also on a drive that they got a first down, instead of punting, and they got a TD.

That’s what happens when they have two of the darlings in the same game. So they felated Russell Wilson the entire game and Actually allowed Rogers to get the treatment once. The NFL is actually getting more and more ridiculous as the weeks go on. It’s almost unwatchable. I can’t let it go, but it sickens me weekly to watch this game go down the road it has been going.

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That’s actually roughing the passer. It’s a weak call but it is the correct one. You can’t hit or slap them in the head… period!

I’ve seen far worse calls than that.


It was a weak call, but it was so damn obvious (wasn’t obscured in a batch of bodies) so the refs didn’t have much of a choice. I’ve definitely seen weaker than that. Packers fans should know there have been weaker roughing calls even if all they have ever watched is Packer games, because they’ve seen other teams get called for less.

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Please take note, Lions fans - No, you aren’t the only team “screwed” by the refs on a regular basis.

Every team gets bent over by the zebras or the rule book. Every fan base thinks they have it the worst and all of them are delusional when it comes to that.

More on topic - what a garbage rule/call that is. Unfriggin real. Fortunately for the NFL, the sport of football is so awesome we all keep watching despite this regular bullshit we need to put up with as fans.

I had to watch it three times because I missed it the first two times.

Anyway, it didn’t make a difference in the outcome.

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Yeah, can’t hit the QB in the head. Though that wasn’t much it’s not open for interpretation.
Remember when defenders could head slap offensive linemen?
Here’s a pretty good story on it about Deacon Jones and Tombstone Jackson. Outlawed in 76.
One comment under the story:
“Was reading somewhere that Tombstone head-slapped a Green Bay Packer so hard he broke the guy’s helmet”.

We got a call against us in the KC game. Mahommes hit himself in the helmet to draw the attention of the ref. Mahommes hit was harder than the player that supposedly “roughed him”.

That’s what I was talking about here. Was also disappointed that Mahommes put an acting job on to sell it. The entire thing was done on purpose.

According to Dean Blandino it wasn’t. He said since Dak was still in the pocket that he can actually be hit in the head and that call should only be made if the contact is egregious!

The rules around hitting (most) QBs are so inconsistent and really put defensive players at a great disadvantage

The refs were just confused on which golden child was supposed to receive the flags. It’s hard to decide in the heat of moment between those team’s.


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Lol, I like that first post! Welcome.

So Stafford can get clubbed to the ground with a blow to the head and nothing gets said, but an inadvertent blow to the head on Wilson absent intent and you think that doesn’t ruin the game. It’s plain bullshit.
Going back to an old analogy, you can hardly watch an NBA game and not see preferable treatment given to certain players and have it not make you sick as a fan. It made the NBA unwatchable and it will make the NFL unwatchable.
Magic made carrying the ball commonplace. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made traveling commonplace . Jordan, they just changed all the rules for him. Shaq would knock three or four players over and no foul. I stopped even watching the playoffs


He’s gonna fit right in. Welcome to the board 56

Exactly how i feel. I was a season ticket holder for Pistons for 4 years. I haven’t even watched a playoff game in 6 or 8 years. Took a date to a Pistons game about 2 years ago (they all thought they were at a Magic game, but I was at the pistons game). That was the only game I have watched attentively from start to finish in nearly a decade.

NFL is trending that way. It’s WWE